Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Long story short...Jame's Parent's drove to Lawrence yesterday evening and co-signed for us on an apartment. We learned that wether today or six months from now, we were going to need a co-signer to get an apartment. We can get approved to BUY a house but not to RENT an apartment. It makes sense when you think about it but it still makes me laugh. So James' parents graciously signed for us and we have an apartment, as of today, in Lawrence. We are SO SO SO SO SO grateful to them for helping us out.

We won't be getting internet for a while at home until James has a new job. We can probably afford to get it turned on but we don't feel that it is the best choice right now. Please be understanding as it will be more difficult to email and blog until we can get internet again. (It's for the best...I rely to heavily on the computer!)

Friday, December 16, 2005

Prayers and Thoughts

I haven't known how to write about this or what to say as things have been progressively changing. Here is a letter from my mom to her friends and family explaining all that she has been and still is going through. Your prayers and thoughts will be gladly appreciated during this difficult holiday season. If you want to email her or any or our family, you can write to something267@gmail.com.

This has been Bcc'd to all of you because I needed to let you know
what has been going on with me, thiese past few weeks. It is very hard
to write because I have been putting it off, and you are all such a
diverse group of friends and family on my email list. Some of you
might be online friends from various interest groups (and if you are,
this whole email is not for the 'lists'), some might be people thatI
have a professional teaching connection with, and some might be dear
friends who need to know this (and you are welcome to share this with
anyone I know who would want to know) and some of you are family who
already know but I am sending this letter anyway.

Please forgive me if this is too familiar or not familiar enough,
depending on which category you fall. I simply went through my
contacts and visualized all on my list who are not here in Kansas with
me and already know. Anyway, I would have loved to write you all
individually, but...and you know how I dither on, so bear with the
story because there is a beginning, a middle, another beginning,
another middle, and we are still waiting for the end.

I lost 50 lbs without trying to. The PERFECT way to lose weight,
right? Anyway, at my exam I was found to have a mass in my abdomen
area. Which is why I hadn't noticed I had lost 50 lbs. I kept looking
at myself sideways in the mirror and there was this belly. I finally
decided that's what getting old was. BUT it was also why I hadn't
noticed the mass.

My girls finally saw my shoulders and made an appointment. She did the
exam, didn't like the mass, didn't like the weight loss accompanying
the mass, did bloodwork. Scheduled a CT.

The next day there was a "Some good news" email from her. Very, VERY
hyperactive thyroid, unknown until now, don't know how long it had
been going on, but in her opinion, that was a very positive thing
(imagine that!) as it meant hopefully that it was not a malignancy
weight loss situation but a thyroid weight loss situation. I remember
thinking, as I read her email, that my mom would be so proud, because
I had NEVER had an 'overactive' anything! (Those of you who knew me in
college better shut-the-hell-up, my aunt and uncle and daddy are also
reading this email!)

CT got cancelled so they could deal with the thyroid which had to be
irradiated and they couldn't do the CT before the thyroid...something
about the iodine. Which also meant two days at home alone. When Rob
picked me up from that appointment, I found him in the car with his
neck totally encased in three layers of aluminum foil and a huge wad
in the shape of a triangle on his crotch. I LAUGHED ALL THE WAY HOME!
Instead of the CT I had a sonogram. To quote the techie, "Wow! This
thing is BIG!"

Following that was an appointment back with my doc. She broke it to me
that because of the mass and a high CA125 test, which I didn't realize
she had ordered, that I had Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. One day before
Thanksgiving was this news. We did have a great Thanksgiving as it was
the first time since college started that we had all been home at the
same time and no one had any fights at the dinner table.

My doc made an appointment at KUMed (University of Kansas Medical
Center) because they have a GYN oncologist and Topeka didn't. It
snowed 7 inches the day before the hour drive but the roads were OK,
and off we went. I hate driving in the snow so much, that when I saw
how much we had I told my principal not to worry about my outcome,
that I would have a heart attack before even getting there.

To sum up, the visit was great. There are still many things to worry
and pray about, but the specialist did not think that it looked like
OC. We are hoping she is correct. There is still the mass to worry
about and I willl have, hopefully an outcome worthy of a National
Enquirer article, "Topeka woman has a "Wow, this is BIG!" mass removed
and no one EVEN saw it coming!" article.

It could be a fiboid gone wild (our choice). It could be worse. It
could still be what my original doc thought first.

So, Pre-OP Monday in KC with 5 inches of snow expected Saturday ending
Sunday. Don't worry, I'll probably have a heart attack before even
getting there! Surgery will be Wednesday WITH a Hysterectomy that I
begged for 15 years ago. See, dreams do come true you just have to
wait a while.

Please keep Rob and especially my kids in your prayers. Those of you
who know me and how hard it was for me to lose my mom while I was only
35...I am truly not thinking of ME when I say I don't want my kids to
go through that at 18 and 23. Heck, most of them have just now started
talking to me after I was so 'unreasonable' all through high school.
Bekah, she's 23, we've been talking for quite a while!

I love you all, in so many different ways.

"There are many ways to say I love you. There are many ways to say I
care about you. Many ways. Many ways. Many ways, to say, I love you."
Mr. Rogers

"As my Uncle, Santanna Rosannadanna used to say, "Rosanne
Rosannadanna, It just goes to show you. It's always sometihing. If
it's not one thing it's another."
Gilda Radner/Rosanne Rosannadanna

Please feel free to write if you want to but I don't know when I'll
get back to answer. Please don't call right now, the kids will be home
from college tomorrow and I have things to do. Rob has made a blogger
account which you can check what's new. For now, that can keep you
updated, and I'll hopefully be able to talk to you soon.

Pray for us anyway, but especially on Wednesday and after.
Love, Blake


Friday, December 09, 2005

I'm grumpy and I don't care!

*** WARNING*** I mean no disrespect to anyone and there are of course exceptions. Please read with caution as this is has not been sensored. ***WARNING***

When Friday and Saturday nights rolls around, I can pretty much tell you where I will be. It has been the same routine for over the past year. Both my parents can tell you because we used to joke about it. Now I feel like it is a little out of control.

Although, I must say, I have been lucky recently and I have gotten to stay home at least one night out of the weekend. Last weekend I got both nights to do whatever I wanted! And then we got "spoken to" about it and how James never called when he said he would. Bite me!

I'm the one who likes being social so usually I can go with the flow. James on the other hand, works A LOT. He doesn't want to go out and blow money and hang out with strangers and stay up late. He wants to sit on his...buns... and veg out. I understand that but sometimes it gets old. I just want him, to want to do something other than letting other people tell him what to do all the time. I just want him to make his own decisions and not let those people make him feel bad about it. I've talked to him about it and he understands why I get so upset sometimes.

I want my own friends!

I feel that ever since I moved to Kansas, I haven't put enough energy into the relationships that I should have. I poured too much energy into the relationships I knew would never work out. I'm not very "girly" but every once and a while I wish I had a female friend to hang out with. Women just bring something to a friendship that a husband can't. I think that is important to have.

I love hanging out with my boss. She's the same age as the other friends I have. Yet I still can't spill my guts about EVERYTHING because I work for her. (I've already tested the waters there and that didn't go to well.) How pathetic I feel sometimes having to beg her to go scrapbook (crop) with me? She has her own friends to do that with!

I can't wait to move to Lawrence. I don't know what I am hoping to find there. Exceptance maybe. I feel like when I go to Lawrence, I don't stand out as much...I fit in. No body cares that my armpits are all hairy or that when I go swimming I haven't shaved my legs since it was warm. No one even looks at me!

I am so tired of feeling like most of the friendships I still have only rely on me to keep them. It gets old being the only one to call, the only one to try and arrange get-togethers, and the only one to drive the hour to do anything. I am giving up and feeling like it's not worth it.

I have a few frienships that are built on distance. Those friendshps will never fade, they are deep rooted and have stood the tests of time (how cliche)!

Here's another thing. I am ready to move to Alaska and disown some family members. Not my immediate family but I don't want to point fingers. The harder I try to please people the more they make James and I feel bad about not seeing them and spending time with them ENOUGH. AHHHHHH!!!! It makes me furious. What about me and my time? I go through my week, waiting for Sunday to come around so I can be with my husband. I try SO hard and it's just like a snowball getting bigger and bigger. The harder I try, the more they nag. And I think, "When is the last time you came to see me?" In some cases I can say NEVER. In other cases, I can say twice. I wonder does anyone stop to think how hard it is for James and I going from being together EVERY single day to seeing each other in small chuncks of time through out the week. Well in case you were wondering, its hard and there is not much we can do about it right now...so back off! I just don't think a lot of couples enjoy being together as much as we do so of course they probably don't think about it. Or they think that being together and being with other people should be enough. Well it's not...especially when you can't be yourself and have to walk on pins and needles trying not to offend anyone.

Ok, so I'm a little lonely. Looking back at what I have written so far...I don't appreciate the family I have enough and I long for the things I don't have.

That's enough. I'm through. I hope you aren't exhausted having read this. If you know anyone who is interested, I am currently taking applications for friends!

On another note, I had to stop in Lawrence on Wednesday night because of the weather. I stayed in my sister's dorm room and slept on the cold, hard floor (by choice...I didn't want to sleep on the top bunk with her and risk one of us falling off). I had such a good time. I got to TALK with my sister, which doesn't happen a lot. I feel so old sometimes but no one even noticed that I might be older. It was kind of a neat feeling although I found most of the drunk freshman running around to be pretty obnoxious! I never had the college dorm experience so I got to experience it in a few short hours! It was fun but I probably didn't miss out on anything!

Ok, now I am really done this time!

Monday, December 05, 2005

My sister

I am so fond of my brother and sister. No matter how many times they piss me off, I always forget so quickly and think so fondly of them. I love them both to pieces. I wish I could spend more time with them.

I saw my sister tonight. I had mentioned to Elizabeth that maybe my sister could meet up with us today when we were in Lawrence. All day Elizabeth said, " When are we going to see your friend." We packed our towels to go swimming and she packed an extra towel, for "my friend." After awhile it turned into, " What is your frien...your sister doing?" "When are we going to see Hannah?"

I had already told Hannah, we didn't have to meet up since she was studying for a big test. But Elizabeth just kept on going. On and on she asked about Hannah.

She had never met Hannah before but she had talked to her once or twice and she knew Hannah was the one that had told us to build our fort.

We had spent the whole day in Lawrence and were tired and hungry when we pulled into the KU residence area. We had to part far away since the parking lots were full. We had picked up some ice cream for her so we were stuck going to visit.

Anyone who has kids or has been around kids knows, a blocks ends up feeling like a mile...especially when it's cold and especially when you aren't using a stroller (which I rarely do.)

We got there and Sammi started being bashful after an entire day of saying hi to EVERY single person we saw! Elizabeth got very quiet too. There were students everywhere. The girls were exhausted and you could tell.

Hannah just started in talking to them. Sammi too. She just started talking to them like they were all grown up. We rode the elevator up to Hannah's room and everyone we saw commented on how cute they were. I am sure they don't get many kids walking through the halls at the dorm.

We got to Hannah's room and I put Sammi on the floor, expecting her to cry. She didn't. After 5 minutes they were settled in. They laughed, danced and talked up a storm.

I am so impressed at my sister. I always have thought I was good with kids but Hannah has more of a nack at it than I do. I always call her for advice and she always has the answers. When it comes to kid, there is a forty year old woman in there. She really has to be a teacher or something.

Hannah was so good with the girls and they loved her. She was fun and playful but talked to them like adults. She talked to Sammi like she was just going to start spouting out sentences. She took Sammi's slipper, tried it on and asked Sammi if she could have it.

It was a very rewarding trip. I'm going to have to follow Hannah where ever she goes when I have kids of my own so they get to hang out with cool Aunt Hannah. (Kind of like Aunt Anne was to us!) Anyway, it was a great visit! On the way home, Elizabeth was already talking about the next time we go see Hannah.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Dear Mom

I love you so much. Thank you for wanting me and holding me and supporting me through everything I ever wanted to do. You deserve so much more than what life has given you. We will find you strength to make this journry worth the while.


Monday, November 28, 2005

Update on Mr. Penny

Mr Penny went to the hospital a few days ago. They think he has cancer in his neck and has already started chemo. I think he is doing better. He says he feels better anyway...that could be the drugs talking!

In a letter to my mom this is what I wrote about Penny:

We went to the hospital to see Mr. Penny yesterday. The first time we went was earlier in the day and he was WAY doped up and could hardly acknowledge us. I got a few laughs out of him that assured me, despite his appearance, he was doing ok. I said, "You just came here to watch tv, didn't you and he mumble a recognizable tone that meant, "no way." Then we teased him about "cleaning out his apartment" and getting the good stuff like the armoire and again he laughed before passing back out.

We went back in the evening and he was snoring away. His concerned doctor saw us and made sure we were where we needed to be and not causing trouble. He woke up Mr. Penny for us since we didn't have the heart to. Penny told us he had chemo therapy yesterday and would have it again today. They think he has cancer in his neck that caused the loss of movement in he right arm.

He's feeling much better in the hospital. Naturally, since he is being properly taken care of and eating correctly. He loves how nice everyone is to him and how often they give him ice cream. He constantly gives them a hard time about the bill. He teased me, telling me he told the nurse to give the bill to me. I said, "Good luck getting that paid!"

Life sucks and then you die.

I am over being in shock. I am done crying for now. I still think about it every day and wonder how we are going to get through this. I wish I could tell you what "this" is but it's not time yet. Not enough is known to be able to talk about it. There are a million thoughts going through my head wondering my this had to happen to me, to us. You always think, it will never happen to you. It exsists in a world that doesn't belong to you until it actually happens. Please send good thoughts and prayer in my direction. And if you see someone in my family, give them a big hug! They might not admit it but they need it. I need it.

Today, I am up but when I was down I felt so incredibly alone. I don't have many friends and usually I am ok with that but where was the shoulder to cry on when I needed it. I had no where to go and no one to turn to. People always say they are there for you until... I don't want to always have to tell someone that I need them. I don't want to have to hunt them down to say, "Please can I have a hug, life just kicked me in the ass."

We're moving soon, probably to Lawrence, if my parents don't want to take us in again (only kidding). Maybe my Topeka friends will find that the drive is easier for them and will want to be around me again. They always say, "Distance makes the heart grow fonder." Let me tell you, that isn't always the case.

Monday, November 21, 2005

The moral is...Don't live in the ghetto if you ever want the police to help you.

I came home on Friday night from Topeka. I was getting sick and I needed lots of sleep because I had to work the next morning. I pulled in at 8:20 and James was there waiting to help me carry some stuff upstairs. As we were locking up the car James says, "Wait...," Looking around confused. I thought he was being silly.

He said, "Where's Neal's van?"

Seeing that the van was gone I said, "Harrison probably has it."

"Harrison is out of town.(Silence)Before we jump to conclusions, I'll call Neal and see if he let his kids borrow it."

Nope. Neal didn't let his kids take it. As James was talking ont he phone, I saw the blinds in the window of the office blowing in the wind. The screen had been removed and the window had been opened.

When we went inside the office, not much had been taken out of it's place except the keys to Neal's van and the file containing $1300.

We sat waiting for the police to arrive. After an hour of waiting James called dispach again. They said that there weren't any officers available. No one had even picked up the call yet. Our status was "pending." Another hour went by.

It's now 10:30 and I haven't eaten dinner yet. We decided to go upstairs and watch from our apartment. About 1/2 an hour later an officer arrived. He had just arrived on shift and seemed very new to the force.

I couldn't believe how long it took. I feel even safer now living there!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Update on Mr. Penny

I visited with Mr Penny last night. His frail body was slumped over like he couldn't move. Through our talk, he eventually made his way into more of a sitting position from what his napping position.

His brain is still sharp. He slips up every once and while and has trouble talking and then he'll say, "Quit stuttering," to himself and just keep pn trucking.

He had to call me over this morning to get him some breakfast. I noticed something I hadn't noticed before. There are jars and cups filled with a thin yellow liquid. It's so sad.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Leroy Penny

March 30, 2005 My journal reads:

Mr. Penny- An old man with dark skin and dark hair that is highlighted by his silvery age. A former government employee, he spends his day getting drunk, talking to people as they pass by. He doesn't like Joe http://aesopsfables.blogspot.com/2005_03_01_aesopsfables_archive.html and let him and everyone else know it. Joe thinks he's joking. He stopped James and me yesterday to announce that we were going to be living across the hall from him. He demanded that there would be no loud music, no drinking and no partying. I said, " Why is it ok for you to drink, but not ok for us?" Naturally, he was to busy making jokes to answer the question.

From what I gather, he used to walk a lot. His small, frail body reflects that. It seems he had a stroke in his sleep one night and lost most of his functions of his dominant hand. His spirits are high (although I am told they aren't always).

June 29, 2005 My journal reads:

Mr. Penny- A man that reminds me of home. He represents kindness and family and truth. He's the kind of person you don't mind listening to, even when you are running late. He has great stories to tell, he's always good for a laugh, although, I don't see him smile much.

He's going down hill pretty quickly. He'd never admit it though. He appreciates being thought of and checked in on but refuses any "help." He won't hesitate to ask for a soda when his meds are making his mouth dry.

He sits in his cluttered apartment of 16 years, listening to the radio. He never goes into his bedroom. He has lived in the building since it was built. He knows stories no one else knows, like, why there is a huge dip in my living room floor.

I want to move so badly because of the consistent knocking on our door. Now, I don't want to because I know I have a neighbor, a friend, and a grandpa type figure to look after me right across the hall. The day I changed my mind about moving was when he told us, "I was just telling my wife (separated), I don't want to get to know you folks." He doesn't want to see us go.

November 13, 2005:

To sit with a man who knows he is dying changes the way you look at things. I remember the first day I realized he was dying. I came home and took a shower to hide my tears. I felt so sad.

Now, I just try and spend as much time with him as I can. Every time I go see him, I know I am going to have to be in there for at least an hour and it's going to be 90 degrees. But for me it's worth it if I have the time. I want to spend as much time with him as I can while he is here with us.

If I met him today and started writing about him, he would be a completely different person to me. He ALWAYS needs help. Harrison had to go pick him up off the floor again yesterday. We took him a walker, and some other medical supplies that make it easier to bath and go to the bathroom. I guess none of those things can help you much when your body is deteriorating.

I am so grateful and thankful that we have endured all that we have here(at the apartments) just for the chance to be apart of Mr. Penny's life.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

The moral is...things never happen the way you plan them.

***WARNING*** This entry may contain pictures that may be offensive.

Over two weeks ago, I started bothering James about having a Halloween Party. Halloween is James' favorite holiday and this is the first year we have had the opputunity to "celebrate." He agreed pending the location of the party. Our apartment's living room floor needs some major repair and couldn't accomadate the weight of too many guests.

We found an empty apartment and began calling our friends. We asked our friends if they would be available because we didn't want to start planning if no one would be there. When it looked like we had 10-15 people coming we dropped a lot of money and pulled it all together.

At one point, our friend John was going to bring out his turn tables to play music but wasn't going to put forth the effort for 10-15 people. He put a post up on the internet and we thouht we would have TOO many people showing up.

10pm finally arrives. Everything is finish; candles lit, fog machine going and dry ice bubbling away. Brad and Amy arrive "on time" which is amazing. Shortly behing them is our friend John. Things are looking good and we continue to anticipate a good turn out.
James as an old woman!

10:30pm I'm tired of standing looking for everyone so I call my Topeka friends to tell them just to call me when they get there so I can let them in. John suggests that if no one gets there by 11:00 we go back to our apartment because the "haunted apartment" is freaking him out. No way in hell was I leaving after all the work and money we put into it.

10:45pm James sends me back out to look for people. "Maybe someone forgot their cell phone and they don't know that you called," someone said. I go outside and find our friend Mike arriving. I stay outsid for a while and call and my friends again, sounding pathetic, begging them to come.
John and Mike

11:00 Harrison's kids show up and "crash" the party but Harrison hasn't shown up yet. They kind of gave us the illusion that a party was starting to happen. Finally, our friend Holly responds to my desperate phone call insisting that I didn't sound pathetic! She said she would make an appearance but she needed sleep so she couldn't stay long.
Harrison's Kids
James and Maurice

Once Holly and arrison arrived about the same time and from then on we had a party. I was extremely dissapointed with the turn out and dissapointed by the people who hadn't stuck to what they had told me, we just enjoyed the people that had come out. I think some good lessons were learned that night. While I have pretty strong things to say about the people that let me down, the party helped me appreciate the people that did come.
Talking to Harrison and Maurice
James and Bekah

Holly especially. She didn't even get her "invite" until the day before. We hardly see her any more. We are HORRIBLE about keeping in touch with her. And she ended up staying until everyone decided at 2:30am that it was time to call it a night. We need to do a much better job keeping up with friends like Holly and less time with the people that make us feel like we love them more than they love us. (Julie...I know you know what I am talking about!)

Let's move on to the decor. The pictures we took were either too dark or too bright. I was unsuccessful at capturing how perfect the mood was. You walk into the living room which was dimly lit. There wasn't anything especially scary but the mood was right.
Living Room
Living Room

In the kitchen/dining room area there were two refigerators and two stoves. On fridge for drinks and the other because it was already there. The ovens were open and glowing red. On contained a creepy baby on a rusty pan.
James caught with his dress up!

You walk down the hall to your right is the first bathroom. This bathroom wasn't functioning.
Bathroom One
Bathroom One

To the left was the first bedroom containing a murder scene. In the daylight or under the bright flash of the camera, the blood looks fake to me. The only light in that room was from a tv with a white screen. Very creepy.
Bedroom One
Bedroom One

Further down the hall was the maze to the functioning bathroom. The bloody path of the maze was creepy enough on it's own. But then there was a strobe and haunting music in the background. I thoung it was VERY successful.

The second bathroom was looking pretty creepy until someone who helped us decorate decided the toilet. But I thought that was the worst part about the whole "haunted house" and that really wasn't that bad. So I think it was all a sucess.
Bathroom Two

Friday, October 28, 2005

How have I managed to allow ONE person, continually take away from me the things I hold dear. I'm not talking about my husband. And I would think, I would give my husband more power over my life than this person has. Yet regularly, I let this person manipulate situations over and over and over again. This person doesn't even know that he or she is even doing anything wrong. I am the one that usually comes across as a nasty person because I find myself regularly irritable around them. My husband regularly is manipulated by this person too and it's taking over our lives. I wish he could find the strength to stand up and say what he want so I wouldn't feel like I am in this alone. I just keep think...someday soon I'll be in Alaska and then I will probably miss my friends and family. I will probably look back on these times and wished I had had more patience. So that's what I'm going to do; be patient and roll with the punches.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Elizabeth and Sammi

Today was Elizabeth's first day of school. The day was a great day for taking pictures and I was lucky to get a lot of good shots. I also took a lot of pictures of Sammi since I had the oppurtunity to spend some one on one time with her. Here are some of the pictures. For more pictures go to here!

First Day of School Sammi Sammi First Day of School

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I know that not many people read my blog but at the off chance that the right person stumbles upon it I am going to post this entry.


Emma Green talks to a new friend in the parking lot of Toys-R-Us, a makeshift collection and distribution center for relief supplies. Emma asked me to thank Irene (last name unknown) if I published a photo of her. She was overwhelmed by the kindness of everyone she had met. She is in Houston with her daughter, two grand-daughters (seen in earlier photos), and two grandsons. They were about to head to Humble, Texas to try to find shelter. I loved this family. I gave them my number... just in case.

My second promise was to mention her sisters names, sisters, also from New Orleans, whom she has no idea how to contact, nor does she know where they are.

Helen White
Diane Leslie
Jessie Hall
Ruby Bullock
Williemae Minnor

Again, if anyone has any information regarding these individuals, please contact me. I know it is a longshot, but stranger things have happened.

Please click the above link to see the picture. I love the pictures this person took. They are raw and real. Not so Hollywood like the media. Take some time to look at them.

Friday, August 05, 2005

More kitty pictures!

kitty 024

kitty 022

kitty 021

kitty 020


Yesterday evening, we (Harrison, Brad, James and I) congregated outside at the end of their busy work day discussing all the crazy things that had happened through out the day. A group of 6-8 kids come walking through the parking lot talking about the tiny kitten they had played with in the parking lot of the church up the hill. The girls had left the kitten with a group of boys who were playing basketball. With no intention of bringing the cat home, Brad and I walked up the hill to see the cat. The girls chased us all the way there and all the way back hoping the cat could become the apartment mascot. The poor kitten was too tiny to be left alone. Brad, who has three cats already picked it up and carried it back to our apartment.

James came up to the apartment and tried not to like the cat but understood how desperately the kitten needed attention.
kitty 006 Only three to four weeks only, she was covered with hundreds of fleas that were well hidden until her much hated flea bath. We discussed putting an ad in the paper but this poor cat hasn't just been out over night. I am pretty sure she is malnurished and dehydrated.
kitty 007 It looks as though we may have an addition to our family. For now we are just trying to make sure she is taken care of. We'll see! But for know it's a sure thing that we aren't getting new carpet.

Please let me know if you know of anyone who may want a cat. James and I are mildly allergic to cats and would prefer to find her a good home. She is VERY loving and social!
kitty 013 kitty 002

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Random thoughts

As I showered, I considered what I may tell my daughter some day about shaving her legs. I shave mine because it is a learned habit. I started shaving the day I started my period in the 6th 9r 7th grade and I thought it was a HUGE deal. I looked foward to it because I liked the way my mom's legs looked; shiny, smooth, dark and defined. Perfect legs. Now, I like the way MY legs look shaved. And sadly, it's not just my legs...I shave quite a few other places people never see, including my armpits.

So back to what I would tell my daughter. I would want her, even at a young age to think about why(or why not) she wants to do something. After thinking about why, whether I agree or not, I would probably let her. I just don't think people think about why they do things. People ,too quickly, fall into doing what everyone else does to fulfill the need of fitting in and being excepted.

Then I thought, the human race is pretty creative. It comes across as daring, exotic, and special to be an artist. NO! Artists just have the drive and the passion to do what they do. I think their drive is what seperates them from the rest of us.

If people aren't naturally artistic, why is there such a demand for people to be fashionable, wear make-up have nice hair styles and haircuts, drive fancy cars, have nice houses (inside and out). There is evidence of of art EVERYWHERE.

My new boss, Diana, thinks she isn't artistic. I hear that too often from people and it drives me crazy. Again there is evidence of art in her life everywhere. Ahe doesn't think she's artistic?!?!?!? She drew me the coolest drawing of sesame street characters the other day. Even I, someone who considers themself artistic, wouldn't have taken the time to paint something that was well in a simple art project with a young child.

painting1 painting2


Sunday, July 03, 2005

The world is starting to wake up and I wish they wouldn't. I have been enjoying the gentle noise of the rain and the thunder which have dissapeared and been replaced by car doors, voices, cars driving on the wet street.

After the Rain

Here's some raw words from my journal this morning.

they'll think i'm crazy for waking up "too" early. it will be unclear to them, the beauty i have seen this a.m. as the sun shines, the rain falls and the thunder boomers argue over what i'll see next. there is happiness here in my solitude. silence filled with thoughs to put a smile on my face and make the bad times easier. sheltered from the rain, i find it soothing to listen and look out the window at the new day. there are no time limits i have to meet, no expectations wearing me down. i can just be...
it's magic outside. everything is moving. there is so much life and movement right now as the rest of the house is dreaming the day away. and they won't understand why i don't want to miss this.

As I sat there writing I could see the family in the building across from us moving their belongings. We call them "The Refugees," a name given to them before we ever got her. And that is what they are, refugees from Africa. Catholic Charities wants to move in another family soon. Which is ok now that this other family is leaving because they can use the same destroyed apartment. They use a certain spice that kind of smells like curry that you can smell a mile away. The other guy that works here tells a story about going into their apartment to fix their fridge(that they didn't know was broken) and their was half of a bloody head in the sink. He said it was too small to be a horse and too big to be a dog. He still doesn't have a clue what kind of meat they ha for dinner that night.

Here is some of what I wrote about them.

and they too don't understand. those people outside my window. and i don't understand them. i wish i could. maybe that's what makes them so appealing. the fact that i don't understand why they sit in a circle and eat rice off the carpet. she smiles amd waves at me, like i am someone she knows as i wave to her to say hello. i wonder if she is relieved to see a language she knows: a simple hello. if i knew more than hello i might ask the why they eat off the carpet. why they have colorful drapes hanging from every inch of their home. why they came here and what they were trying to escape from. why the bathtub is used for washing dishes and dumping leftover rice.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Our cable was out last night in Wyondotte County so we had rented some movies. Of course, ONLY to be watch AFTER "House." (An addiction of mine, thanks to James and my mother.) James and I were about an hour into the first when we heard a male voice coming out of our tv. I got up and backed up the movie and it wasn't there the second time. Because the cable wasn't working, we had hooked up an antenna so the basic channels would come in clearly. That was one of the most bizaar experiences I think I have experienced thus far.

Any words of wisdom as to how some man's voice(probably from a two way radio) came out of our tv?

Sunday, June 26, 2005

The moral is...Weekend getaways are a MUST!

The knocking has already started. The longer we live here at Misty Glen, the more people knock on our door. James is still liking what he does here but everyone needs a day off. James hasn't had one in a while and as you know I have been stessed out about my job for months now. We decided to take matters into our own hands.

We just got back a little over an hour ago from our weekend get-away. We took off Firday afternoon and headed in the direction of Columbia Missouri. We didn't get far before we were ready to stop. We stopped at a KOA in Oak Gove, MO right outside of Kansas City.Cabin Friday night

We were just relieved to be away from the complex. We played mini golf on their home made course and went swimming after dark for about 20 minutes. James cooked pasta alfredo for dinner on the campstove and by the time we had started the fire, I was ready for bed.

I almost always go to bed early and get up early. We both woke up, 45 minutes before check out. It was fun to sleep in but I had planned on swimming more in the morning!

We grabbed some flyers from the office after we checked out and then headed to Columbia, MO. We stopped at an outlet mall on the way but it was too hot for shopping in the strip mall. (I won't mention that James "accidentally" drove right past the scapbook store) When we got to Columbia, we went to Walmart and bought a memory card for my new camera I got for my birthday. Then, we headed off to the visitors center across town.

They didn't have much to say but it gave a direction to go it. We headed down south to Devil's Icebox, a cave James was familiar with. That part of the cave we got to go in was not Devil's Icebox because you have to enter that one by canoe. It's only open two months out of the year because of the water levels.James' waterfall interpretation
The part we did get to see was amazing!Inside the Cave 4

Bekah and James in Cave

The we headed to Cooper's Landing which is supposed to be wild on the weekends. They have live music and camoing on the water. When we got there it didn't look like something we would enjoy! SO we kept heading down South to the area we had wanted to go to all along. I'm not sure why we didn't go down there earlier in the day. By 8:30 we had reserved a cabin in Lebanon, MO at NRO that had canoe rentals that we were looking foward to the next day.Cabin Sat night

I made a friend while we were there.
Bekah's froggy friend

Again we had a very relaxing evening and I made it to a campfire that night. James still wanted to stay up later so I started punching him until he gave in. We went in to get water to put out the fire and I think more water ended up on us then in the fire.Water fight

NRO was packed with abnoxious people our age but they were all down by the water. I'm glad we didn't decide to camp! All that was left of them the next morning was there huge piles of trash and beer cans. The river was beautiful. After our 7 mile float we did out typical bickering about wether to stop or continue on for another 7 miles. We both knew we should stop but we both wanted to keep going. We finally determined it would be best to stop but we had to go back soon and do it again.

The trip was awesome! We had a blast. We really have to do that more often!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Job Update

My last day of work is going to be sometime around the 15th of August. Amazingly enough, things are going better than ever. I wish the job had been like this from the beginging!

I was offered another position on Wednesday. At first I was aprehensive about it because I didn't feel that they knew enough about me to make a good decision. I wasn't TRYING to get the job, I was just being myself and letting whatever happen. It's only two days a week for about a year and then it would be for full time. The pay is better and the more I work, the more I get paid! Seems reasonable! I feel like my personality fits better with this family. The wife took more time yesterday to tell me more about their family and we have a lot in common. I thinks that's pretty cool!

The only problem is they want me to start on July 18th but both I and the family I am working for have commited to the middle of Aug and I have to stick with that. I know the new family is a little bit more flexible on the start date but I don't know that they can wait that long. I am hoping that they do though. We'll see!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Trip to FL

The biggest concern when children reunite with their birth parents is how the birthmother or child will fell about the situation. Some birthmoms don't want to be found, others want their babies back and others just want to make sure the kid is ok.

Long story short, I am so glad that my mom found her and brought her into our lives. She is an amazing person and she has a very cool family that I am excited to add to my mine!

This is my biological half sister, Cassie. She is already very special to me and I have only known her for two months.
Cassie and Bekah

This is my birthmom, Tonia.
Tonia and Bekah

Tonia turned out to be better than I could have dreamed her to be. For more fun filled pictures of my trip, check out
After about two months of being frustrated with work, I finally told The Husband that I was unhappy. At first I was heart broken, thinking about leaving the baby who I spend my days with. By the time I got home, I was relieved at the thought of not having to keep up this schedule for very much longer.

In the begining I was upset that he didn't understand all the things that were bothering me. In response to the long hours he said, "What kind of hours do you think you would be working at a real job," and "I don't think you have worked more that 40 hours a week since you have been here."

I regards to the low pay, "___'s kindergarden teacher,_______, made less than $1300 a month last year."

Money isn't that big of a concern to me but I am spending $60-75 a week in gas. So on the high end of things I spend $300 a month in gas, leaving $1000 a month minus taxes.

As a teacher, even in the worst situation I was in, I got respect. Parents and the people I was around, told me I was doing a good job. I felt like the work I was doing was making a positive influence on people's lives and I was appreciated for it. Now, I hardly get any respect from the seven year old and I am told not to take it personal. That child knows he is the boss of me. When I talked to him about how he felt about me leaving he said, "We can give you some time off."

Unfortunately, I have been cursed with knowing what it is like to love your job no matter how much you dislike the people around you or how hard it is. What is all boils down to is, I don't love this job.

I felt like I was living my whole day for this family. I went from being with my husband 24/7 to seeing him a few hours a day. My mom warned me about that too. I believed these people. I trusted the things they said because I told them I didn't want to get screwed. I thought things were made clear by both parties what was expected.

I believed them when they said they didn't expect me to clean. I was expected to clean up after myself and the kids. That was the opposite of what was told to me the day I told him how unhappy I was.

It will be over soon! And the job search continues!

Friday, May 13, 2005

As you may have read previously, my mom found my birth mother and we have been corresponding ever since. After talking more with her on the phone and speaking with my biological half-sister, I thought more about going to visit.

I started looking at prices for the next four day weekend I would have, which was Memorial Day weekend. As the time to book a ticket quickly approached, I discussed the idea with my employers. Due to the unfortunate death of the wife's father, they told me that they would be leaving again the week of that holiday. I tell them that I had considered taking Monday to Friday to go to FL, as it would be much cheaper.

When I took the job, it was understood that when they had to go away, I would still be paid. When I had to be away, I wouldn't. Now I am being told, that it has always been understood that if the nanny can't watch the house while they are gone, she doesn't get paid. I know we talked briefly about it when we talked about vacation but I was never told I was expected to watch their house while they were gone! I thought I could use that time as I pleased because they had chosen to take the time to be gone.

I was also told by one of them that they would back me up and support me through this time because they knew it was important for me to have closure. Closure for what exactly?

Baby is awake now...more on this later.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

It has been brought to my attention that based on my last entry, it may sound like I am just complaining about my job. I love my job. The problem is that I work 10 hour days with a 45 minute drive at either end. My days, while they are mostly easy going, they are very long.

I put a ton of energy into those kids.

That's enough...I just wanted to clarify about the long days.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The moral is...the world doesn't understand me.

I feel myself slipping into a funk. Everyday I start off in a good mood and sure enough I slip right back into being irritated by the time I get to work. I can't believe I am burt out already.

Maybe it is a sign, but recenly I have been surrounded by talk of life when you are older. I made a comment last week about how I didn't understand why people worked their lives away. A comment was made back, " People work hard so they don't have to worry about other people taking care of them when they are older."

Then I find out that the people I work for are planning on retiring in four years. Theya re so young and they are going to have things figured out finacially and medically for the rest of their lives. Not to mention that they are going to be there for their kids who will be 5 and 11. They have sacrificed themselves for 20+ years so they could have that luxury.

I feel kind of trapped right now. Trapped by a world that I don't feel understand me. I don't want to work my days away, especially when I know that my husband might not be here tommorow. There is nothing to assure that any of us will be here tommorow.

I loved spending my days on the road with James. Now I spend about three hours awake with him during the week. Those three hours I can hardly give him my attention. Ususally, I cook dinner since I seem to have a tiny bit more energy that he does at the end of the day. Then I just want to sit and zone out. I can hardly concentrate to hear his stories.

The people I work for act like they understand but I don't feel like they do. They haven't made choices that keep them together during the day. They still hardly see each other and I know they love each other but that is the choice they have made. Plus they have kids at the end of the day to complicate matters. After 20 years they are used to working all the time.

I can't be away from James this much. It is pathetic and horribly romantic but it is what it is I suppose. I know James is feeling the same way but he goes to work later than I do and comes home earlier. I can work all day, no problem, if I have James by my side.

I have enough of a concience to tell me that my actions directly effect other people's feelings and lives. I have a great job with great perks and down time. It's just not the right perks for me, I think. The bottmo line is, I want to be with James. I am living for the end of the day when I can see him and the weekend when we run around doing things for other people.

I know I can't walk out on these kids. I am really fortunate to have this family in my life. It just isn't right for me, I don't think.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

The moral is...I don't really want to have one but my dad will give me a hard time if I don't. Just read it!

I don't think I realized how long it has been since I have written. I've been going through a lot recently and I find great comfort in my journal. Let's see if we can transfer some of that to my blog!

My job is going great! I had a very frustrating week last week. I had just had an entire week off, paid, and was returning to work and having to deal with the grandparents being there. At first it wasn't too bad. But then grandma was finding extra work for me to do. I couldn't figure out how to tell her that these jobs she was having me do weren't my job. I kept it inside I just did what was asked of me. I felt that after a week off I should try to help out as mush as I could.

The extra jobs were taking up my time that I got to rest or do what I wanted to do while the baby was sleeping. I was exhausted all week! By Thursday, I was angry and thinking about looking for another job.

Being frustrated with grandma was making me think about all the dumb things that I was already a tiny bit irrated about. I don't come from a military background so it is hard for me to understand the people I work for sometimes.

I was dissapointed early in the week after a conversation with the wife. She had previously told me that I was invited to her son's birthday party. They would love to have me but I didn't have to go. Monday, it had turned it to, " Just plan on being there. I need the extra adult." Oh thank you so much. At that point, I would have prefered to be asked instead of told.

Everything is like that though. While I know they are great people and don't mean to hurt my feelings it upsets me sometimes. I think it is just what they are used to, being in the military. I know that I work for them so I should expect to be told what to do and that is fine. I guess, the problem I am having is that I chose to work for them over other, better paying, better hour nanny jobs because they were looking for someone to be apart of their family.

Maybe other families work differently but in my family we ask people to do things even if it should be demanded. It makes me feel so distant when they talk to me like that. It just makes me feel like the little 6.50/hour employee that I am instead of the caretaker of their children.

Then that gets me thinking. I could be making more money going back to my old job at the coffee shop and be done everyday but 1 o'clock and I wouldn't have to work 10 hour days. The wife doesn't understand because she is used to working 10 or 12 hour days just because that is the way it is. I on the other hand make 6.50/hour and left the coffee shop making more than that plus tips. Of course, I could bnever sit down at the coffee shop either. There are great things about being a nanny that can't be weighed my money but they have a lot of value. It just gets hard to realize when your frustrated and burnt out at the end of the week.

Which brings me to the biggest news of all, that hasn't helped my job situation any. Last Friday, my mom made a call to a woman that could quite possibly be my birthmother. I didn't prepare myself for the possible outcome because I didn't want to get my hopes up.

It was her and we have been e-mailing back and forth like crazy. however, I am tired pf writting so I'll have to save that for another day! Tune in again next time for the EXCITING LIFE OF BEKAH!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Meet Joe

Today I startes writing about some of the characters introduced into my novel, or my life, this past week. I am confident that eventually there will be a book out of all of these adventures I've gone through. I just have to write more!

Let me introduce to Joe.

A fair skinned man stops us in the hallway. Age 72, he has been struggling all day to unzip the zipper of his anciant military wind jacket. He has waited for James to come by to ask for his help. James struggles with it for a while until finally it breaks unexpectedly. Although he is told the zipper broke, he doesn't notice. He appreciates the company he has now trapped from going upstairs.

Joe speaks of a former tenant who scammed him out of 400 bucks. Every conversation with Joe brings the retelling of the con artist.

Joe has lost so much faith in the world he lives in. Having lost his wife to cancer many years ago, he speaks as if death is knocking on his door every minute. He looks as if he has given up on showering, his white, this hair slicked back with grease.

Joe sits in his car, watching people as they come and go. He never drives his car, rather he walks to pick up the things he needs. The walk is exhausting for him which gives him something else to complain about. His car might not even work he explains. He doesn't care. He says he is too old to drive.

Discussing a recent school shooting he says, "If I was healthy, Id never think of that."

While you look at him and want to reach out to help him, he makes it clear that it is necessary to keep your distance for you own safety. Although, I offer to pick him up groceries on my way home from work. He may never except the offer since he doesn't trust anyone.

Tune in again and I will introduce you to the others as their characters become clearer!


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The moral is...don't judge a book by it's cover.

This weekend we started cleaning our apartment just to find that when you left the cabinets open there was an overwhelming smell of curry! Not that I have anything against curry, I would just prefer it in moderation.

So, we went looking for a new apartment. Not thinking we would find anything, we actually found another two bedroom over the office that doesn't need quite as much work. And it doesn't smell like curry!

Yesterday brought many suprises at the apartments. A lot of people were out and about and there were many oppurtunities to talk and have a good laugh. Most of the people you stop and talk to won't let you leave the conversation without a good laugh. The area has it's con's like with any neighborhood but it is so vibrant and alive which makes it fun just being there.

I'm sure after the summer when violence is at it's worst, I might not be saying the same thing but right now I love it. People support each other and look after one another. We've joined a community that is a lot of fun. And better yet, I think most of the people we have met really like us.

I guess it is kind of racist to think like this but I think part of me thought we wouldn't fit in, like we were different. Nope. There's not that much that makes us different. We're all broke and trying to get by.

What I love even more is that most people make light of how crappy their lives are instead of being depressed about it.

It's really a neat place and I hope my family and friends won't hesitate to come visit us. Just don't forget your gun when you come...Just kidding!


Thursday, March 24, 2005

I'm in a bad mood.

I am still trying to settle into a new schedule. My immune system seemed to shut down this week as well, prabably from all the changes. I've had horrible allergies and as soon as I started feeling better I got a bad UTI. It hurts and it is making me cranky. So I am going to take my crankiness out on whoever is reading this.

The people I work for are really cool and I enjoy when they are around. I think I just take things to personally. I just want to be a good addition to their childrens' lives. It makes it hard to do my job when they don't let me. It's all so new and fresh that I know I just have to give it time.

No disrespect to the guy I work for, but it bummed me out that he came home so early and didn't let me go home to get some rest. I feel so drained today. I don't mind him coming home early so he can get stuff done around the house but this week it has been hard to establish boundries with his older kid because he steps in and lets him do things I wouldn't necessarily do. Or jumps in to tell him he isn't acting right.

I am trustworthy and responsible. I will be relieved when they figure that out!

It's rainy and gross outside today. And so is my attitude. Why is it that I never write when happy things are going on? I'll write something cheery next time.

Ok, here is another reason I think I am so bummed. I miss my family. A lot. I am super home sick. I've been away from my family before so I don't think missing them is all of it. I was so sick yesterday and I wanted to go "home" so badly but when I got there there was nothing to go "home" to. James was just as tired as I was and begining to not feel well. There was someone elses couch, someone elses, beds, someone elses stuff. I miss having a home. I can't wait to get settled again and have some normality in my life again.

Ok, one last thing. I miss James. We were together everyday, all day for so long and now I never see him. He tries to act like he is not exhausted from work but he is. We just vedge out on the couch and vent about our day at work. And then we go to bed. I see him for 2 or 3 hours before I go to bed. We really need to get our finances straitened out so we can work together for our own company. WE work so well together. It bums me out that I can't be with him as often any more.

That's enough of that. I'm feeling better now. I hope you're not bummed out after reading this! Come back and I will right happy things next time. Promise!


Saturday, March 19, 2005

The moral is...life always throws you curve balls.

It is amazing how quickly your life can turn upside down. I was aware that is was coming, but by the time it arrived, I wasn't really prepared for it.

I was planning on starting my nanny job a few days ago and expected to commute from Topeka until James had found a job. It worked out that James ended up starting a new job the same day.

James had interviewed to work as a manager of an apartment complex in North Kansas City and was waiting to hear back. He finally heard back and after his third meeting with the owner, he was left in charge the following day to begin figuring things out. There is very little orginaization so most of the "figuring out" has been developing systems to run the business smoothly.

I love the family I am working for. I think we are all warming up to each other nicely but it still feels akward for me at times. I tend to make myself at home very quickly and I am begining to think that that can be good and bad.

To top it all off, they have been very generous and very helpful with our difficulties getting back on our feet. While I know they aren't making judgements against me, it is hard for me to ask for help when I need it but I have been asking for help since they began offering it. I think the biggest thing that has been bothering me is that James and I are down to one car now so I borrow theirs often. I don't want them to feel like I am trying to mooch off of them. I just want to help them out and be a good influence to their children. James and I will be back on our feet again shortly and hopefully we will find another car for cheap. (Galen, if you loved me, you would give me my car back...just kidding!)

Any new relationship takes some getting used to, I guess. The whole family is great so I know that eventually I will begin to feel more at home with them.

We are also homeless. While we have my parents' house in Topeka, the apartment of James' boss in KC, James' uncle in Overland Park, and I have the option to stay the night in Leavenworth after work if I want to, it's not quite good enough. It all is wonderful and we are so greatful for everyone that has helped us out. We are very greatful to have a roof above our heads each night. So don't take this the wrong way. I was just thinking about how we don't really live anywhere. We often use the word "home" to refer the place we are going to. It is so odd. We came "home" today to Topeka to use the computer, do laundry, and say hi to my family that we got so used to having around.

I got very used to seeing my dad everyday. While I saw everyone in my family almost daily, my dad, whom I haver always been very close to, was home all during the day with us while we were there. (It was so we wouldn't get in trouble I am sure!) Now, I haven't even talked to my dad in about 48 hours. It is really strange.

I have felt, for about the past week, that I have been walking around in a dream. I never got to say "goodbye" to anyone but I haven't really left because most of my stuff still lives at my parents' house.

I don't even know if any of this is making sense. It's hard to put into words the way I am feeling. IT'S JUST PLAIN WEIRD!

I know that there are only a few constant readers of my blog but now would be a good time to hear from you all. I need as many constants in my life right now so my head doesn't fall off. Especially, from my WWR friends...I haven't had my fix in a while! :)(Give Jim and Esther a hello from Bekah and James the Guru) If you can find the time, please leave me a comments or email me at bekahandjames@gmail.com

This sounds like I am advertising but I'm not.(Ok, maybe I am...but just a little) If you are a podcast listener, be on the look out for upcoming podcasts, I know they are going to be interesting with all the drama James is seeing at the apartments. Not to mention all the changes we have had recently. You can find those at http://bekahandjames.com

We don't have internet at the current place we "live" so be patient if we can't spit them out very often!


PS. Leave me a fun, cheery message at 206-339-4545!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Letter to Sara

I found my friend who is away at college who I have not seen or spoke to in a few years. She wants to know what she has missed since my wedding. This letter is to her. I hope she doesn't mind that I posted this publicly but I thought it would be easier to illustrate things for her. Plus, I would imagine it might be interesting for others to read it as well.


Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I wanted to make sure I have time to write more than a sentence or two. I don't know where to start. You want me to start at the honeymoon...oooo...I should just start writing a book right now. I'll try and add illustrations!

There was the wedding of course. The honeymoon in Alaska was amazing. We were sick most of the time, therefore not getting to hike as much as we would have liked. I think the stress from the wedding finally got to us and beat our immune system into the ground.It rained the whole time were there, making it hard to stay dry. My favorite meal of the honeymoon was Salmon cooked on the fire. We were camping in another town when James met a man who had just gotten back from a fishing trip. He offered James a generous amount of salmon steaks. It was awesome! We wouldn't mind moving there eventually. We were sad to have to leave!

This is unrelated but we have made "friends" with a couple in Alaska. They broadcast 24 hr indie folk music from their cabin in Talkeetna, Alasks. I love to tune in whenever I am working on stuff. I love them. They are great people. If you get a chance, you should check it out. Whole Wheat Radio

We continued living in our apartment with our dog, Xander, who learned to open doors and cabinets. We lost hundreds of dollars in new groceries until we figured out how to tie the fridge and cabinets closed!

Before our wedding we took a trip to Chicago. I wanted so badly to tranfer to Columbia and James wanted to work for a coffee company. We took the trip so we could take a tour of the college and have job interviews. The school was nothing to get excited about, especially when considering the HUGE difference in price. I still would have loved it but the job stuff fell through and we didn't want to try and plan the wedding from Chicago. Chicago 1. Chicago 2. Chicago 3.

James quit working for PTs and started an espresso euipment repair business. It was doing quite well until...well...the things we do for love.

After my senior year of college, I was tired and burnt out. I had the honor of doing a show over the summer with the Karen Hastings Players. I think the story goes as follows. Phil Grecian asked Jo Huseman who he should ask to play the roles of the young couple in his play. She said, he had to had Greg Krumins and I. So Phil called me up and asked me to do the show. While I was so excited not to have to audition, I didn't say yes right away. I asked to read a script. The script revealed that I would have to kiss Greg. James and I had mixed feelings about is, since he was my ex-boyfriend. I expressed my concern to Phil and he said he would work with me to make sure I was comfortable. During Toby Saves the Farm, I met my good friend, Chris Waugh (his son went to school with us). He put me in touch with Ric Averill, who cast James and I in a children's theatre show that inspired this blog. James quickly bonded with other members of the cast!

We began the Aesop's Fables tour in September, leaving James' business behind. Here I am showing off our new costumes to my parents. The assembly we performed was about 45min of Aesop's Fables that kept all ages, including adults, captivated and laughing. Although we liked to perform on a gymnasium floor, we often got put on the stage. We were distanced from the kids and they didn't react as well to the show since we were so far away.

The most exciting stuff has happened more recently. Due to the show, James discovered he had a hernia that had been laying dormant for a while. Every show he did made the hernia worse and worse until he couldn't stand it anymore. At one point, we were waitng "backstage" to perform, the kids were seated for our third show of the day and I thought I was going to have to cancel the show and take James to the hospital.James is a tough cookie. He got demanded we do the show. It was shortly after that, that we decided to see a doctor who told us that it was potentially life threatening. We knew it was something that needed to be taken care of immediately.

We started living with my parents and we are still here! We have had no income for over a month now. We went from spending hundreds of dollars a day on food, hotel and gas to having no money for food, shelte or gas. Thank god for my family...well OUR families and friends. We will definetly be more greatful for the money we have once we start working again.

So, James had his surgery on Mardi Gras and now he is doing great. Ouch! But at least he got beads, which he earned! He was well taken care of! Three more weeks and he can return back to most activities.

Currently, I just got a job as a Nanny for a great family in Leavenworth. James is waiting to hear about a potential job in North Kansas City. Soon enough, we should be back on our feet and enjoying our PRIVACY again! Here is our "bedroom!" And our bedroom again!
At least we aren't in the dining room like we used to be!

Hannah was nominated for Homecoming. We were on the road then so we missed it. I didn't miss, however, Galen's nomination for Royalty of courts. He loves us, he really does!

Galen is a really cool guy. He never seems embarrassed to hang out with James and I although, he doesn't invite us to tag along much and we can't afford to invite him out right now! Despite the picture, I know he loves me! We have been going to the gym together at night which I love! We don't spend the whole time at the gym together but I treasure those few minutes in the car or at the gym that he talks with me!

Hannah doesn't have much time for me anymore which really bums me out. She does a million things and keeps her grades up. She does cheerleading, babysitting, works as a host at Texas Roadhouse and everything in between.

I want to make sure you get a good idea of what you're missing!
This is what they do when dad tries to talk to them!
This is from winter semi-formal!

Alright! I think that is enough for now. While I am sure there is much more that I missed, I sure it can be saved for a nice discussion over coffee. Let me know when you will be in town! I hope you don't mind that I shared this letter with the world! I'll keep sending you letter via email!


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The moral is...help someone in need.

Here are a few messages I have recieved concerning Mary Travers. Please help cheer her up. Start making calls and sending e-mails!Thanks for your help.

As you might know, Mary Travers of Peter Paul & Mary is in
the hospital gearing up for a bone marrow transplant (six
matches were found!) -- she will be hospitalized for at
least the next six weeks. I have set up an address where you
and your listeners can send Mary 'get well' wishes -- I will
print them out once a week and send them over (she cannot
have visitors, so this is a way to help keep her
entertained). In case you don't know, Mary is very funny,
sarcastic, loves a good joke -- so if you know any good
jokes, I'm sure she'd get a kick out of them. Over the years
PP&M have proven to be one of the most enduring folk groups
that talks the talk AND walks the walk, supporting good
causes and doing countless benefits, so here's a chance for
us to help support her during a difficult time. The address
is getwellmary@aol.com Thanks so much --

Christine Lavin

A message from Whole Wheat Radio:

You can call (907)733-2934 anytime in the next day or two
and leave a telephone message that I'll make sure gets to
her via Christine on CD. I'll collect it all and send it off
to Christine who will then deliver it to Mary.

Let's see if we can't give something warm and fuzzy back to
this woman who helped pave the way for the music we hear
today on WWR. Thanks!

Saturday, February 26, 2005

The moral is...keep waiting!

Finally a phone call from the director this week. We haven't returned his phone call yet because we still don't know what to do.

I tend to think that things happen for a reason. Most major decisions in my life have been pretty clear to me when it was the correct time to make them. That's not saying the decisions were easy to make, fate or god or whatever you may or may not believe in, made it clear that there was a clear path to take.

The waiting is the hardest part. Trial and error, trial and error and then I start to question if a path will be layed out for me. And sure enough, right when you feel like giving up, the signs are there.

We are still waiting.

The problem we face now is the money. We would love to go back out on the road. It is going to be hard to explain to them that we can afford to. It really isn't their problem though. Once again we have no money.

Alright, let's think this through. We decide to go out on the road. We make no money for another few weeks until it is time to go out. How do we put gas in our car to get to our first show? How do we pay for a hotel? Ok let's say we sleep in the car...how do we eat? And then we don't get payed until Wed or Thurs. And then part of our check goes to filling in the negative numbers in our bank account. Then we start a new week of trying to eat, sleep and put gas in the car.

We already owe for repairs done to our car. I'm sure he would be willing to give us an advance to get back out on the road. While that sounds fine and dandy...ask yourself how many jobs have you taken that have left you in debt. It's just not right. I'm not going to be more in debt at the end of this than when we began. Well, that's not true. I am. But I refuse to include even more money into the picture so those jokers can start making money again.

It sounds like I am whining again. I'm sorry! Thanks for still reading! I just want to keep everyone up to date on the Aesop's Fables adventures!


Monday, February 21, 2005

Call us!

We just register with K7, a free voice mail/fax service. So you can call us and leave us messages telling us how cool we are!

The number for our podcast is 206-339-4545. If you call this number, know that it might get played during our podcast unless you say otherwise. Anything goes! Call me...I need to feel special!

The number for my Just 4 Kids podcast is 206-339-5437. If you call this number please make sure its for the kids and not a personal message.



PS. The funnier, the better!

Friday, February 18, 2005

The moral is...life is a big freakin' adventure!

First, I would like to thank the few people that commented or sent me e-mails regarding my last two posts. I thought that was really cool. I am especially excited about my Whole Wheat Radio buddy, Fred, for keeping up with me. I feel so honored! I encourage everyone to send me comments...it really boosts me up and makes me feel good. And if you have a website, let me know. I am really nerdy about that kind of stuff and I'd like to check them out.

So, I started this blog to keep people updated on our life on the road. We had so many adventures and now we are home. It has been hard to keep up the writing as much as I would like to. Let's get back to the Aesop's Adventure, shall we.

Last time I wrote, I was being told that it was expected of me to continue on the road with out James. James had his surgery about a week and a half ago so that idea was dropped when they realized how long it would be before they even got me back out.

The director let me know that there were going to be two other actors from the Chicago area who were going to continue the tour for a while. He made arrangements to come pick our costumes. I ran around franticly trying to gather up the things they would need and seperate them from our personal items. Let we waited...and waited...and waited. No phone call. No nothing. Finally, I asked James to check e-mail to see if had written. By the way, he has ignored my request to update his address book and e-mail me at another address. He is the only one who EVER emails us at that address so we have to make sure to check it regularly to see if he has written.

He had written and said he had forgotten that his weekend was completly booked and he couldn't make it. Could he come pick it up a few days later. We e-mailed him back and said that was fine. The night before we made sure to check e-mail, guessing he wasn't going to make it. Yep! It was 12am and there was an e-mail saying he would e-mail us late that night if he would be arriving in the morning. We didn't hear from him until today.

Now, he wants to come pick up four items, so I have to re-organize everything that I gathered up for him originally. However, he wanted to come today or tommorow. We are staying with James' family for a night or two so we don't even have the things he needs with us. The other option he suggested was for us to ship it and he would reimburse us. He must have forgotten the part about he had to come pick up the stuff because we couldn't afford to put gas in our car and bring it to him. WE ARE IN THE RED. NO ONE HAS PAYED US. WE AREN'T WORKING. WHAT PART OF THAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? Ok, I feel better!

Ok, how are you doing? Do you need a break? Should I split it up into two parts. No I'll keep going. But now would be a good time for a bathroom break. We will call this INTERMISSION!

Meanwhile, I emailed the real boss to tell him that the doctor's office said that we might be able to go out on the road sooner than expected. We had some guidlines that I thought were reasonable. He said, we could go out but he had people for two weeks and we would have to play the game their way if we went back out. AND James would have to move his doctor's appointment up. Ok, James isn't doing THAT well. He's doing ok but he is definitly not ok enough to just jump back into the regular, strenuous schedule.

Then the director e-mails me to ask if I can go out in two weeks without James for a few weeks.

I am still looking for a job. We have NO money. If I find a job, it is going to be really difficult for them to talk me into quiting my job to go back out on the road for a month or two and then start the job search again.

Well, I'll keep you updated as the soap oprea continues.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

The moral is...WWR Rocks!

A story:

There was a man who once was very happy with his life. He had the perfect life; a wife, a child. There was a world of oppurtunities waiting for him and his family.

He participated in a wonderful community he called his church. He found peace, happiness and love there. He was surround by a world that was familar to him. This world gave him a sense of security and a feeling of love.

One day that community was taken away from him. He searched long and hard for a new community. Years went by. Activities came and went, and no matter how hard the people around him tried to include him in their communities, he felt as if there was no community left for him. The people began giving up on trying to include him in their activities.

He refused to see the good things that were being handed to him. His wonderful family no longer gave him the same happiness that it once did. He had refused every community that had come and gone, wishing that they were like the community he longed for.

Eventually, this wonderful, good-hearted man, woke up and realized that there was nothing in his life that made him happy. Every day became a harsh reality of what he thought he was missing out on.

He packed his bags, leaving behind everything; including his family. He returned to this church he had longed for for so long. The community was gone. In it's place was a new generation of people that he could no longer relate to.

Now he had nothing. He felt as if all his possibilities for a better life died that day. Ashamed of what he had done, he felt as though he could not return home.

The man died that day. He had talked himself out of being able to find himself a home. There was no reason for him to exsist any longer.

An explaination:

Last time I wrote I was feeling down. Jim at Whole Wheat Radio read the entry during the live, hour long rant and made a comment about the fact that no one had commented to help cheer me up. One "wheathead" did! And although it was just one. It made all the difference. Thank you Jim and thank you fine-line!

It is amazing to me the different types of communities that are availible to people. I thought I had outgrown chatting online. Now way! Not when I found Whole Wheat Radio.

There have only been a few times that I have ever seen or heard people putting others down. Most of the time, everyone there will lift you up and make you feel better about whatever is bothering you in your world.

If you decide to check them out, assuming you haven't already, let me tell you this...the first few times I listen to their "podcast" or "audio magazine" I thought is was horrible. I couldn't figure out what all the computer generated voices were all about and why Jim and Esther were screaming all the time. Once I visited their website, figured it out, realized they DIDN'T scream all the time, I was hooked for good!

Please visit their website and at least listen to their 24 hr stream of music!


Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The moral is...life stinks and then you die!

James' surgery is done. Now I am afraid this is where the fun begins. Although, I went to bed early, I slept very vew hours last night. James was waking up a lot. His sleeping routine was off as well. I was so worried I was going to hurt him and that made it hard to sleep. Plus his sleeping habits were so unusual. He kept talking in his sleep and snoring. Both are pretty unlike him.

I can't believe that it was expected of me to rehearse through all of this and then leave once the surgery was over. The director wised up at least. Unfortunately, I don't think they can find anyone because I haven't heard from them.

I've interview for two jobs so far. I haven't heard back from either one yet. First of all we have very little money which will be taken up by bills and by tickets from out travels. That's it! That leave 0 dollars for us to live on.

While my parents would never admit it, I know we have got to be a burden on them. I can hardly stand this arrangement. It works though. I'm starting to get a little worried about how we are all supposed to survive. Hopefully, one of those jobs will come through SOON.

I'm feeling kind of down. I am trying not to show it but I don't know how good of a job I am doing. I think I managed to fake it yesterday. I was pretty layed back about everything, I think. Now, we've arrived back to reality and it sucks. What else can I do? Anyone out there have a job for me? I'm a hard worker. At least send me happy comments and e-mails to cheer me up!


Thursday, February 03, 2005

Our podcasts

I apologige to my friends who can't listen to podcasts. Please keep reading, I really appreciate it!

For everyone else, our podcasts are up and running. Check out James' creation called The Emergency Podcast System at the website he designed. I'm proud he learned all that html stuff.What am I talking about? He can do everything!


And then for anyone with kids I have started on that is for kids, ironically called Just 4 Kids. James was kind enough to give me a sub domain on our site. Here is the link for that.



Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The moral is...with a job comes money.

In celebration of looking for a job, I decided to get the new ipod shuffle. Naturally I wanted the 1GB ipod that was a good deal more. Nope, I got the 512MB for less and I am so excited.

Before all the caos with James' operation, we sold our car and bought a computer that was to be James' because I am a computer hog. I own and ancient ibook that is on its death bed but it still works. The new laptop we got at a VERY reasonable price. We knew that it would be a lot more reliable than the ibook. Now that we are stating home, maybe for good, naturally it is too late to take it back.

Therefore, I made James hold up his part of the bargain and allow me to buy the ipod. All of this coming to a grand total of less than what we sold the car for. Regardless, now are supper broke but at least we have cool toys.

Life is short, right?

So I begin making calls tomorrow and dropping off resumes. Wish me luck.


PS Check out our podcast! www.bekahandjames.com

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Rachel's Choice

I recieved a comment from the father of "Rachel's Choice." How can I compete with this? She is the youngest podcaster out there! She is eight years old and her show is better than mine. To bad I don't have a cute, eight year old voice.

A big thank you to her dad! Here's her feed:





More children podcasts!

I an diving deep to find out what is really out there. I found a podcast called Family Review. It looks to me that most of the shows can be listened to by children, as they are watching children's movies. Their blog shows that they have reviewed adult films but they claim to review "family oriented" to I'm dure it would be appropriate for kids. Check it out.


Alright, well, that's it. The others I found were not what they claimed to be. Well one of them might have been but it was in a different language so I'm not sure what it's about.

Soon, I'll quit blogging about all this and save it for my website. Until then, deal with it!


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The moral is...the show must go on...after what is truely important.

I can imagine what people are thinking about sometimes. Natuarally, the company we work for isn't jumping for joy about James getting surgery. They are urging me to go back out on the road while James is recovering.

That's great but I don't see how two people who aren't related can figure out how to do this sort of thing whith anyone else. Ok let weigh the variables here.

I stay. I get to be with James, I get to find temp work to help pay off the outrageous bills that we are going to have(but basically I'll make money), I'll get to hang out with my family, and I won't have to go hang out in WI in the middle of winter.

I go. I don't get to be with James while he CAN'T MOVE for two weeks, I get half of the pay a week to try and pay for half of everything we do(the director thinks we will save 100-200 bucks a week, HA, what a joke), I get to drive MY car, I get to spend my time not getting paid to rehearse again, and I get to sleep every night with someone that isn't my husband.

I know I forgot something but I think clearly, my decision is made. It's going to be tough for the Company to convince me otherwise. We'll see what happens.


The Emergency Podcast System

I've really been neglecting my blog. We have been dedicating a lot of time to our podcasts. That's right podcasts, as in plural. James and I finally have one up and running:


The other one is called Just4Kids. And I'm sure you can figure out what that's about. I have recorded one already but James hasn't done the xml for that yet.It's more fun to do it with James anyway.

I've hunted around and if there is a podcast for kids I have missed it. There's Sheakspeare Souffle. They are definitely kid friendly btu my immpression is not that they are just for kids but rather a wholesome family show.


Each podcast will have a different theme. The first one id Dr. Suess for grades PK-5. I have some other topics in the works about kids getting stuck by lightening and stories from KidsPub.com.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

The moral is...all good things must come to an end.

This past week has not been the best week for us.

Tuesday, James found out that he has an umbilical hernia. We figured as much, but my dad made him go see a stomach specialist on a day that we only had one show.

We didn't take it very serious until we did more research this weekend and found out that he could potencially die from it. The risk is greater everytime he does a show. The more strenuous the work, the worse off he is.

With the help of our family, we decided that James needs surgery as soon as possible, therefore, we will not continue the tour until he has recovered.

I guess I could finish it with someone else but I hardly see how that is possible to do on the current pay we are getting. And whose car would we take...not mine!

So here is the part where you feel sorry for me. We don't have health insurance! My mom recently spoke to a nurse at the hospital who said, basically surgeons will not operate on people who don't have insurance. Kind of looks like we are screwed. She suggested that we fake the urgency of his condition so he can get surgery via the ER. I am sure that won't be cheap.

Currently, I am looking for a job to at least help pay off this thing.

If you feel pity for us and can offer us money, I have set up a Pay Pal account. Help if you can, otherwise, send us happy thoughts our way!


PS We have a podcast coming soon! It was supposed to be about our journeys on the road. We'll have to see what it is going to be like now!