Sunday, July 09, 2006

Why we didn't move to Lawrence sooner...I will never know. I'm just glad we are finally here. Even my sister admitted to me finally how much she enjoys Lawrence too. It's just to bad it's so hard to find work here. James is really lucky to have landed the job he did...not to mention he has a fun time working there.

I could go on and on about the reasons I love Lawrence but for now I will just focus on the last few days.

James and I haven't seen very much of each other in a while. The more we are apart, the more we strain we have on our relationship. Things have been so busy for me, it has beed hard to try and be on the same track as a couple. It's so hard too because, every spare second we have had together, there is someone begging to see us or making us feel bad about not being around. We usually give in since we feel bad and forget to take time together. Thank goodness our time off was in the middle of the week. Everyone just assumed we were working and our phones barely even was wonderful!

After a wonderful day on Wednesday with my girls, we packed up and head out South about 10 miles out of Lawrence to Lake Lone Star. James had suprised me by renting a canoe. Oh, a big important thing I forgot to mention. James' parents gave a truck a few weeks ago and we are using to it's full potential. We have wanted a truck for a long time and now we are just in heaven. So James strapped the canoe to the top of the truck and off we went.

We got there as soon as we could after work and set up camp. We couldn't wait to get the canoe in the water so we found a loading dock and strolled around the lake until sunset.

It was so nice to be so close to home yet so far away from the caos we have been swimming in for awhile.

We woke up the next morning and went canoeing again while it was still cool. There were very few people on the water. We had the lake all to ourselves. We got back to Lawrence, returned the canoe back to Anderson Rental (who we will try to never use again because they were SO rude. Not for any reason...the owner's daughter just had horrible customer service skills and over charged us because one of HER employees messed up). We we on our way home to relax at 11am.

Friday we got up and threw our bikes in the back of the truck. James found the 9 mile loop of maintained Mountain bike trail along the river and we did about 4 miles.

Friday night James and I parted ways. He went to work and I went to Topeka to hang out with my dad. My friend Matt was playing at a place in downtown Topeka. We went to hear Matt and the minute we walked in the door, he took a break. We have wonderful timing. So we hung out and drank beer. Thank goodness I had been drinking 'cause Matt asked me to sng with him on a duet he had written. I agreed but tha was something I wouldn't have done normally. I NEVER sing on the spot but it was Matt, and we had rehearsed that tune many times, even if I hadn't done it in a while. Being put on the spot, I felt akward and I think you could tell. I didn't sing great but I didn't sing horribly either.

Saturday we got a late start but wanted to try the trails again. We were tired and sore from the day before so we were planning on keeping the ride light. No such luck...we ended up doing the entire 9 mile ride...which ends up being 10 miles to where we parked. We didn't mean to do the entire thing but long story short, we did. We could barely keep going on the last leg of our ride. We survived and had a amazing time.

Saturday after we got back from our ride at about 2pm, we went over to see a rental property that someone told us about. We love our apartment but it is a little small and we both agreed that should we find something downtown that was in a similar price range and unique, we would consider it. The lady who rents there now needs something cheaper so we may just switch place. That would be SO nice if it were that easy. So we are considering moving again. This place is one of a kind. Not much bigger than our current place but it has a loft upstairs for the bedroom. Nothing is for sure...we are just thinking about it. Some extra space would be nice.

After that my dad brought his out of town guests to Lawrence and we walked around and drank coffee and ate yummy food! It was a good time, although, all we could think about was getting our tire bodies back to the couch. But at least we didn't have to drive to Topeka for once so we were happy!!!