Monday, October 01, 2007

Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival

I was excited but a little apprehensive about going this year. The last time I went was 5 years ago. James and I had just gotten engaged after dating for 4 months and we were off to camp with my dad for the weekend. This time, James and I decided to go for the full 5 day festival.
James and Bekah

My friend from my band, Doug, had set us up with a group he knew. We didn't know anybody but being invited to be apart of the group was a big deal. This meant someone held a tent site for us, saved a parking spot and communal meals meant not having to pack much food!

When night came, our camp was a prime area for all night jam sessions.
Our Camp Our Camp

By day, our campsite was calm and relaxing. Or rather everyone was trying to cure their hangovers so they could start fresh by nightfall!
Our Camp

We heard some really great bands. There are mainstages where the bigger artists play. We saw The Greencards a time or two but the best music were on the stages in the campgrounds.

Stage 7 Highwater String Band

My band got in some good practice time and I even managed to fight may way to get a spot on stage 7, despite how sick I was! I was so ready to go home early. Having the opportunity to play stage 7 meant abandoning all sense of reason! I had had a fever all morning, I didn't have enough clothes to keep warm and the weather was cold and yucky. By the evening when it came our turn to play, the sun was coming out and we were glowing!

Stage 7 Stage 7 Doug and Bekah Stage 7

The Other Side