Thursday, January 27, 2005

Rachel's Choice

I recieved a comment from the father of "Rachel's Choice." How can I compete with this? She is the youngest podcaster out there! She is eight years old and her show is better than mine. To bad I don't have a cute, eight year old voice.

A big thank you to her dad! Here's her feed:



More children podcasts!

I an diving deep to find out what is really out there. I found a podcast called Family Review. It looks to me that most of the shows can be listened to by children, as they are watching children's movies. Their blog shows that they have reviewed adult films but they claim to review "family oriented" to I'm dure it would be appropriate for kids. Check it out.

Alright, well, that's it. The others I found were not what they claimed to be. Well one of them might have been but it was in a different language so I'm not sure what it's about.

Soon, I'll quit blogging about all this and save it for my website. Until then, deal with it!


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The moral is...the show must go on...after what is truely important.

I can imagine what people are thinking about sometimes. Natuarally, the company we work for isn't jumping for joy about James getting surgery. They are urging me to go back out on the road while James is recovering.

That's great but I don't see how two people who aren't related can figure out how to do this sort of thing whith anyone else. Ok let weigh the variables here.

I stay. I get to be with James, I get to find temp work to help pay off the outrageous bills that we are going to have(but basically I'll make money), I'll get to hang out with my family, and I won't have to go hang out in WI in the middle of winter.

I go. I don't get to be with James while he CAN'T MOVE for two weeks, I get half of the pay a week to try and pay for half of everything we do(the director thinks we will save 100-200 bucks a week, HA, what a joke), I get to drive MY car, I get to spend my time not getting paid to rehearse again, and I get to sleep every night with someone that isn't my husband.

I know I forgot something but I think clearly, my decision is made. It's going to be tough for the Company to convince me otherwise. We'll see what happens.


The Emergency Podcast System

I've really been neglecting my blog. We have been dedicating a lot of time to our podcasts. That's right podcasts, as in plural. James and I finally have one up and running:

The other one is called Just4Kids. And I'm sure you can figure out what that's about. I have recorded one already but James hasn't done the xml for that yet.It's more fun to do it with James anyway.

I've hunted around and if there is a podcast for kids I have missed it. There's Sheakspeare Souffle. They are definitely kid friendly btu my immpression is not that they are just for kids but rather a wholesome family show.

Each podcast will have a different theme. The first one id Dr. Suess for grades PK-5. I have some other topics in the works about kids getting stuck by lightening and stories from

Sunday, January 23, 2005

The moral is...all good things must come to an end.

This past week has not been the best week for us.

Tuesday, James found out that he has an umbilical hernia. We figured as much, but my dad made him go see a stomach specialist on a day that we only had one show.

We didn't take it very serious until we did more research this weekend and found out that he could potencially die from it. The risk is greater everytime he does a show. The more strenuous the work, the worse off he is.

With the help of our family, we decided that James needs surgery as soon as possible, therefore, we will not continue the tour until he has recovered.

I guess I could finish it with someone else but I hardly see how that is possible to do on the current pay we are getting. And whose car would we take...not mine!

So here is the part where you feel sorry for me. We don't have health insurance! My mom recently spoke to a nurse at the hospital who said, basically surgeons will not operate on people who don't have insurance. Kind of looks like we are screwed. She suggested that we fake the urgency of his condition so he can get surgery via the ER. I am sure that won't be cheap.

Currently, I am looking for a job to at least help pay off this thing.

If you feel pity for us and can offer us money, I have set up a Pay Pal account. Help if you can, otherwise, send us happy thoughts our way!


PS We have a podcast coming soon! It was supposed to be about our journeys on the road. We'll have to see what it is going to be like now!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The moral is...everything has it's season.

This is tearing me apart. I had dreams about leaving home all night. Everyone waiting while I pack.

I am so excited to go home again but it's just for tonight and then that is it. I won't see anyone again until May. I guess that's only four months now.

What makes it so hard is that the past three times I have said goodbye, I thought is was until May. Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe we'll come back before then. I doubt it!

On a more exciting note, I told our director of our show that I didn't think we would be returning. I didn't whine to him about all the things that nag at me about the tour, I simply explained to him about the money.We need more money if we are going to do it again. The offer we got was $50/week more. While that would be nice right about now, that's not worth it.

Without my parents I don't know how we would have survived the three weeks at home with no pay.

I think we kind of get screwed with the money part of all of it because unlike the other shows, we have this guys name attached to our show. I am pretty sure he gets paid every week as well for writing and directing the show. But the show was terrible when we got it. Some of our fables are verbatim out of the book. It is what it is because of us not because of him. So if we do this again, we have another well respected writer who is going to dramatize some stories for us free of charge. That way we can hopefully get paid properly for the work we do.


Friday, January 14, 2005

The moral is...enjoy being home while you can.

Aesop. Who was he? Why do we preach his morals to children everyday?

The answer is: No one really knows for sure. As far as I know, Aesop was a slave who used his stories to get both in and out of trouble. During Roman and Greek times, his stories were known by everyone. (Like "The Three Little Pigs" is known today.) The stories were told often but they were never written down.

When someone finally wrote them down, the stories were finally summed up in a moral, or a lesson. So the morals don't come directly from Aesop, most of them come from the editors that put Aesop's stories onto paper.

That is a little explaination as to why I assign morals to some of my writting.

Now that that is said and done, I want to talk about the choices we made today. There was much debate about whether or not to come home. Niether of us where really for or against a certain choice, but rather we both recognized the pro's and con's of our choices.

We left last Monday not knowing for sure if we would see our family again until May. When we finished our work today, we were 6-7 hours away with a 7-8 hour drive Sunday to get back to our Monday schools.

While today we knew that it didn't seem like a big deal whether we went home or not, we knew that in a month we would wish that we had. We see hardly any family on the road, it is so important to be with our family while we can.

Ok, gotta go! Speaking of, I think my family has come home for the night!


Thursday, January 13, 2005

The moral is...I just want to rant about my day!

How do I describe what we have seen today? I do believe James called it, "Back Woods." The teacher we spoke to at our second school, who lived in Petaluma, CA until she was in her late 20s, described it as "rustic." She compared it to Oklahoma saying that California was "manicured." What I think she ment was people don't throw their trash EVERYWHERE in California.

Ok, listen people. If you think about scheduling out program at your school, please do what is asked of you! It's not like we ask that much. Our show does not work as well when the kids sit in the bleechers. Hello! We've done this enough to know what works and what does not. Thank you! It drives me crazy when people don't allow their students to get the best show possible.

Our second show today was a nightmare. (The school referred to in the audio blog.) On one side of the gym was a few rows of regular bleechers and on the other side was the side were they keep score, etc. There was a big wooden desk type structure and a set of bars that ran the entire length of the gym.

Our show is VERY interactive. If we are isolated from the kids as we were today, our show doesn't work very well. Change is ok, people. Really, I promise. It will be ok to do things differently for once.

As I am sure you have figured out, the kids sat on the OTHER SIDE. AHHHHH! It drives me crazy.

Ok, one more thing to rant about. James and I went to GOODWILL today. I found an awesome sweater I liked. $5! What, I don't think so. That really wasn't that big of a deal, I just like a good deal. The big deal was that they had very few t-shirts and the ones they did have were $4.25. If I wanted overpriced used clothes, I wouldn't go to Salvation Army or Goodwill.

What is going on with Goodwill anyway. Has anyone been to one of the "fancy" Goodwills? It's rediculous! What's happening?!!


Stilwell, OK

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Topeka, KS

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The moral is...give us your money!

An update on the car. Our company glady paid for or repairs. Isn't that nice! BUT, WE GLAGLY GET TO PAY THEM BACK!

Here's the deal. We get paid a certain amount every week. With that money, we can do what we please, but we have to get from place to place. That means GAS. Then, we have to eat everyday, that means FOOD. Although we have a camp stove that we use for dinners, we have to eat out for lunch due to time restraints in between shows. Then, we have to have shelter. We've slept in the car before, but we choose to do the HOTEL thing. Occasionaly, we have had family to stay with and a principal invited us into his home, so that saves money. After 3 weeks of NO pay, any money we had is gone.

From week to week, we budget our money trying to stay in hotels that are around 50 dollars. The more you travel, the more you find that that is kind of impossible. There is always Motel 6 but for another 10 bucks you get a pool, gym, and free breakfast, etc.

Alright, so we struggle financially. That's ok. We do fine, but now we have a huge amount of money we owe our company. (Jim Bob on WWR gave me a good idea, so here it goes!) For anyone who has a little extra money laying around that wants to help out please let me know.

Or if you want to be anonymous, you can mail our company and explain my poor pathetic plea for money!

The Bureau of Lectures and Concert Artists, Inc.
123 West 8th Street, Suite 205
Lawrence, KS 66044

Well, we are back on the road tommorow. I am getting a little teary thinking about having to say goodbye to my family once again. Hey, at least our car is running well!

Don't forget to listen to Whole Wheat Radio. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should know that I am dissapointed. So go there now!


Thursday, January 06, 2005

The moral on the road is not good on your car.

Our car was supposed to be in the shop for the next two days, getting the clutch replaced. Haha, guess what, it's not the clutch, it's the worse possible thing ever...that's right, you guessed it. It's the Transmission! We scheduled this in advance and now here we are, having to be in Texas on Monday with no way to get there.

We began the tour in September. Since then, we have managed to put nearly 20,000 miles on our car.

In case you didn't know, actors don't make very much money. We didn't get paid for the three weeks we were home so we REALLY don't have any money.

This should be a very interesting day!


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The moral is...listen to Whole Wheat Radio

Ok, so if you know me, you know that I have been encouraging people to check out podcasting. Tonight, Jim Bob from Whole Wheat Radio talked about this blog on their 24 hour stream. You can imagine how excited I was! James says I'm a nerd. I am! I get it from my dad! (Dad, you know I mean that in the most sincere way possible.)

When we began our tour in Sept., James and I left behind our almost new desktop PC and my ibook from 1999. We didn't think we would need it, and we don't really, but it makes it easier to pay bills, keep in touch with friends and, now, since my dad introduced me, listen to podcasts.

We picked up the ibook, Ruphus, when we came home for Thanksgiving. When we leave again on Sunday, we are taking the ibook with us again. We hope to start a podcast soon from the road but are unsure of whether or not it will hold up to the challenge.

HOWEVER, the first thing I tested Ruphus on, was whether or not it could handle the 24 hour stream of Whole Wheat Radio. It does, and I am so excited. No matter how far away I am from home, two things will always remain the same: I will have James by my side and WWR in my ears!

Please check out

I promise you will love it!