Tuesday, June 14, 2011


when ollie was eleven days old, we began moving across town. i had planned to move shortly after he was born but this move came about two months sooner than expected. it was extremely challenging and i was not in a state to arrange for enough help to make the transition.

the new space is borrowed from a family i nanny for. i feel a lot of gratitude for having such and incredible home to introduce my son to the world. it is so beautiful and magical here. i sometimes feel like i'm on vacation.

the house is still and quiet. typically, it houses a family of six and a very active household. i love the energy of the people and activities that fill it. i lay on the floor yesterday enjoying a quiet, peaceful moment with ollie thinking about the time that grant and a very pregnant version of me, sat in this very room at "mardi gras in kansas" practice. the room was vibrant with a large amount of brass instruments and noise makers. a major contrast to the wonderfully quiet days we have been enjoying.

i am always conscious that i am a visitor here and i am very respectful. i spent a lot of time in this house during my pregnancy. the one room i had never been in was the recording studio. i have stationed my "bedroom" there and it feels like my own for a little while.

temp living quarterstemp living quarters

i have been creative with how i have utilized the room. i made a make shift closet out of some things i had. i have arranged a little "nursery" for ollie with a beautiful cradle, changing area, clothes and a winni the pooh lamp i had as a child. the sunlight pours in from the skylight and the room is full of bright colors. i feel very fortunate.