Monday, January 23, 2006

The moral is...for every one person in the world that lets you down, there are always at least two more waiting to pick you back up.

Now is a good time for me to write. I am at work but I have one child napping and the other lost in the world of make-believe and she won't let me play with her. When I asked her what she wanted me to do while she was playing, she told me to go use the computer. Being the internet junkie I am, I only fussed a little before heading off into the computer room.

Today has been an interesting day. I took the girls to lunch after I found out our playdate with their friends was cancelled. We had a great luch and the waitor brings our check money, no debit card. I panicked and asked the waitor what I should do. He said," I don't know, let me go ask." Then I hear a large amount of laughter from the back. True, they might not have been laughing at me but with the way I felt, everyone in the room may have been laughing.

To top it all off, James had forgotten to fill up my tank as promised the nigth before and the gas light had just come on when we pulled int the parking lot. No card, no money, no gas and half an hour away to my debit card . Then the waitor says, how soon could you be back to pay. Hahaha. Very funny. This guy must have known I didn't have any gas in my car.

I was contemplating walking the few blacks to my mother-in-law's work to ask her to bail me out. I called James who finally suggested I see if they would just run my card number. They did! One problem solved.

As I complained to the waitor about being embarrased and having no gas in my car, he suggests going to the gas station and trying the same thing. I brush off the idea and agree to go straight back to the girls' house and wait for James to bring me the debit card from Lawrence.

On the way home I remember the waitor's idea and stop at a gas station to give it a try. Expecting them to laugh in my face, I haul the girls inside to see what I can do. The gas staion was full of people. That wasn't exactly what I had invisioned when thingking about how this embarassing situation might go. I had a number written on a receipt and no way to prove that it belonged to me.

The women were very kind to me and didn't agree to it right away but eventually gave in without me having to beg. I must have looked somewhat believable. I'm sure they didn't want to be responsible for leaving a young woman and two children abandoned on the highway somewhere. (I had plenty of gas to get us back to the girls' house). Regardless of why they let me get gas and everything worked out fine!

What a Blessing! I love it when good things come out of stressful situations!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

The moral is...never stop believing in miracles!

It is my understanding that many of the people who read my blog are also keeping up with mom's blog but I want to make sure everyone know the lastest on my mom. So please forgive me if you have already this! The following are excerpts from Mom's blog

My Sweet Baboo is Home and I Forgot to Tell You

Blakie got back home about 3:30 today. I think she is doing great. The hospital pain killers are wearing off, so she's getting a little uncomfortable, but that will pass.

The doctor said she can be home for 8 weeks, but it could be less than that. She had homemade chicken soup for dinner and is watching Drumline, one of her favorite movies.

She is enjoying being home.

Blake is Doing Great

I just got back from the hospital. Yes, Blake, I know I left your room two hours ago. It's about an hour and a quarter drive. There's a Waffle House on the way...

Anyway, Blake had regular, solid foods for dinner. We took an after dinner stroll through the unit. She is doing wonderfully well. We expect her to be home by this time tomorrow.

Final Lab Results Monday

At KU Med, they like to have the patient say, in the patient's own words: what is going on, what is the diagnosis, what is the prognosis, what will happen next. Actually, I kind of like that part. As most of you know, it's fun to hear Blake's colorful words!

They also like the patient to be "informed" which means that Blake had to sign forms before surgery saying that she understood that "who knows what the surgeon will want to remove, she could be in there for hours, taking out everything, nobody knows..." Those forms are okay, I think we're all used to them in these days of CYA.

Last night, Blake was a little upset as a doctor she hadn't seen before came by to tell Blake "You won't have the final lab results until next week". They could still find some of "the C word". Well, duh!

After that, I reminded Blake that Dr. Chapman had been "eye balling" Blake's insides for 2 hours and didn't think it was even necessary to check any lymph nodes. She took out what she had planned to take out, starting with the basketball sized "mass". She took lab samples of abdominal lining and it all came back clean.

So pardon me, unknown doctor, if we continue to assume that we're done. We know the final results next week will be benign.

Benign! Benign! Benign!

Blake is out of surgery. She was in for 2 hours. Bekah and I met with the surgeon minutes ago.

The very large mass was removed and sent to the lab. All results are Benign. The surgeon didn't bother to remove any lymph nodes as, she could tell there was no cancer and no sign of cancer.

Items not needed by 54 year old women were also removed. Items still used by 54 year old women all look great with no indication of damage.

We could not have had better news.

Thanks to each and every one of you and thanks be to the living God.

Our God reigns

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Things are Good!

Still frustrated with a few areas of my life, I am relieved to be where I am at. We had a lot of struggles over the last few months but things are BEGINING to turn around. Money is EXTREMELY tight and the world isn't showing us any mercy. James is still unemployed but has managed to gather up some old business and is doing a few repairs to help out with cash flow. Hopefully that will help but with a large bill aproacing in two days it is hard to put my mind at rest about the issue.

Back to the good stuff! So as I was saying, things are BEGINING to turn around. James' parents co-signed for us and we got into our apartment. We LOVE it! It's small but good. We love the city of Lawrence. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders the second we got everything move in and even more so when we left Misty Glen for good. I love where I live, I love my job and I love having my husband back to his happy, care-free self again. Things are good! It's nice to feel so happy again.

It's amazing how much a space and situation can wear down on you so much without you even realizing the impact it has on your life. I knew we weren't in a good place but I just didn't realize exactly how bad it was.

Come visit us anytime!