Friday, May 13, 2005

As you may have read previously, my mom found my birth mother and we have been corresponding ever since. After talking more with her on the phone and speaking with my biological half-sister, I thought more about going to visit.

I started looking at prices for the next four day weekend I would have, which was Memorial Day weekend. As the time to book a ticket quickly approached, I discussed the idea with my employers. Due to the unfortunate death of the wife's father, they told me that they would be leaving again the week of that holiday. I tell them that I had considered taking Monday to Friday to go to FL, as it would be much cheaper.

When I took the job, it was understood that when they had to go away, I would still be paid. When I had to be away, I wouldn't. Now I am being told, that it has always been understood that if the nanny can't watch the house while they are gone, she doesn't get paid. I know we talked briefly about it when we talked about vacation but I was never told I was expected to watch their house while they were gone! I thought I could use that time as I pleased because they had chosen to take the time to be gone.

I was also told by one of them that they would back me up and support me through this time because they knew it was important for me to have closure. Closure for what exactly?

Baby is awake now...more on this later.