Saturday, May 10, 2008


It was brought to my attention that I should probably be blogging about the ever changing world I am living in. In October, 2008 I put in my notice with the family I had been nannying for almost 2.5 years. A lot went into that decision but I knew in my heart it was time to go. It was a hard and very sad decision to make.

By December, they had found my replacement. I was babysitting for another family closer to home, who agreed to help make up some of the hours I was losing to help with the transition. I was picking up the children from their school out in the country north of Lawrence. A day or two after this change, a position opened up at their school and I applied. As I had been hoping for some down time, I found the timing of all of this to be extremely poor. I applied anyway.

It was about a month later when I started as the assistant in the early childhood classroom. This decision began an incredible journey both physically and spiritually. Waldorf Education is an amazing type of education that I believe all children should be able to benefit from. In the meantime, it is only offered at expensive private school. But it is worth every penny.

Currently, I am looking into beginning Lifeways training (for early childhood educators, day care providers and nannies) and then I will probably start my Masters in Waldorf Early Childhood Education.

More on this later...