Saturday, August 25, 2007

To Uncle Charlie

I can't seem to figure out how to insert pictures into my gmail messages so I thought I would roll with this to give you a visual update on my new place. I haven't updated my blog since September 2006 so no one else may see this but if they do, they'll get to see how special you are that you get you own blog entry to read! Super Cool!

This is the entry way. We live in a huge old house in the historic area of downtown Lawrence. However, it is split into two apartments, which is actually a real luxury because most of the old houses have been split into at least four apartments. So, this is a picture of James helping move the washer/dryer unit up the stairs which gets narrower it goes up!


This is the hallway at the top of those stairs.


The living room (and my dear friend Julie)!

our living room

The won't be purple for long!

the bathroom

Hannah cleaning our kitchen.


James in the living room after we crammed everything into the apartment from our old apartment and from my parent's house. I'm officially moved out of my parents grown up!


Hannah and Blue in my new bedroom!

Hannah and Blue

Galen, showin off his guns in my room!


I guess it's only fair to show off Hannah's muscles too!


Now this is where it get exciting. Even though it is a rental property, we are settling down in this space for a while and the landlord has given us the ok for us to fix up the place...which we ARE! It was left in pretty bad shape but the girl who lived there before had fixed it up from where it was before she moved in. We are trying to do it right and repair EVERYTHING that is damaged are broken. The walls are plaster which makes things challenging!

August 2007 153

August 2007 151

These pictures are of the second bedroom which is already complete and beatiful but unfortunately I don't have any pictures yet. We are going to use this as our project room for art, music, etc.

August 2007 147

August 2007 145

August 2007 144

Check out that hair!!!

August 2007 158

This is mom and dad when they came to help out...we decided margaritas sounded more appealing. I always end up with a hangover after I go out with them!

Dad and Mom

And lastly, here is Blue out on the front porch. You can't really get a sense for how nice it is but that is all I have uploaded to far.


Hope you enjoyed this little journey...stay tuned and the story unfolds!