Sunday, January 09, 2005

The moral is...give us your money!

An update on the car. Our company glady paid for or repairs. Isn't that nice! BUT, WE GLAGLY GET TO PAY THEM BACK!

Here's the deal. We get paid a certain amount every week. With that money, we can do what we please, but we have to get from place to place. That means GAS. Then, we have to eat everyday, that means FOOD. Although we have a camp stove that we use for dinners, we have to eat out for lunch due to time restraints in between shows. Then, we have to have shelter. We've slept in the car before, but we choose to do the HOTEL thing. Occasionaly, we have had family to stay with and a principal invited us into his home, so that saves money. After 3 weeks of NO pay, any money we had is gone.

From week to week, we budget our money trying to stay in hotels that are around 50 dollars. The more you travel, the more you find that that is kind of impossible. There is always Motel 6 but for another 10 bucks you get a pool, gym, and free breakfast, etc.

Alright, so we struggle financially. That's ok. We do fine, but now we have a huge amount of money we owe our company. (Jim Bob on WWR gave me a good idea, so here it goes!) For anyone who has a little extra money laying around that wants to help out please let me know.

Or if you want to be anonymous, you can mail our company and explain my poor pathetic plea for money!

The Bureau of Lectures and Concert Artists, Inc.
123 West 8th Street, Suite 205
Lawrence, KS 66044

Well, we are back on the road tommorow. I am getting a little teary thinking about having to say goodbye to my family once again. Hey, at least our car is running well!

Don't forget to listen to Whole Wheat Radio. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should know that I am dissapointed. So go there now!


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Anonymous said...

Hey. This is Julie. I didn't want to sign up to leave a comment, but I got my sound working on the computer. How rad is that??!?! Anyway, I hope everything gets better for you guys. If I wasn't in such bad shape myself, I'd gladly help out. Later.