Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Emergency Podcast System

I've really been neglecting my blog. We have been dedicating a lot of time to our podcasts. That's right podcasts, as in plural. James and I finally have one up and running:

The other one is called Just4Kids. And I'm sure you can figure out what that's about. I have recorded one already but James hasn't done the xml for that yet.It's more fun to do it with James anyway.

I've hunted around and if there is a podcast for kids I have missed it. There's Sheakspeare Souffle. They are definitely kid friendly btu my immpression is not that they are just for kids but rather a wholesome family show.

Each podcast will have a different theme. The first one id Dr. Suess for grades PK-5. I have some other topics in the works about kids getting stuck by lightening and stories from

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