Sunday, January 23, 2005

The moral is...all good things must come to an end.

This past week has not been the best week for us.

Tuesday, James found out that he has an umbilical hernia. We figured as much, but my dad made him go see a stomach specialist on a day that we only had one show.

We didn't take it very serious until we did more research this weekend and found out that he could potencially die from it. The risk is greater everytime he does a show. The more strenuous the work, the worse off he is.

With the help of our family, we decided that James needs surgery as soon as possible, therefore, we will not continue the tour until he has recovered.

I guess I could finish it with someone else but I hardly see how that is possible to do on the current pay we are getting. And whose car would we take...not mine!

So here is the part where you feel sorry for me. We don't have health insurance! My mom recently spoke to a nurse at the hospital who said, basically surgeons will not operate on people who don't have insurance. Kind of looks like we are screwed. She suggested that we fake the urgency of his condition so he can get surgery via the ER. I am sure that won't be cheap.

Currently, I am looking for a job to at least help pay off this thing.

If you feel pity for us and can offer us money, I have set up a Pay Pal account. Help if you can, otherwise, send us happy thoughts our way!


PS We have a podcast coming soon! It was supposed to be about our journeys on the road. We'll have to see what it is going to be like now!

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