Friday, January 14, 2005

The moral is...enjoy being home while you can.

Aesop. Who was he? Why do we preach his morals to children everyday?

The answer is: No one really knows for sure. As far as I know, Aesop was a slave who used his stories to get both in and out of trouble. During Roman and Greek times, his stories were known by everyone. (Like "The Three Little Pigs" is known today.) The stories were told often but they were never written down.

When someone finally wrote them down, the stories were finally summed up in a moral, or a lesson. So the morals don't come directly from Aesop, most of them come from the editors that put Aesop's stories onto paper.

That is a little explaination as to why I assign morals to some of my writting.

Now that that is said and done, I want to talk about the choices we made today. There was much debate about whether or not to come home. Niether of us where really for or against a certain choice, but rather we both recognized the pro's and con's of our choices.

We left last Monday not knowing for sure if we would see our family again until May. When we finished our work today, we were 6-7 hours away with a 7-8 hour drive Sunday to get back to our Monday schools.

While today we knew that it didn't seem like a big deal whether we went home or not, we knew that in a month we would wish that we had. We see hardly any family on the road, it is so important to be with our family while we can.

Ok, gotta go! Speaking of, I think my family has come home for the night!


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