Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The moral is...the show must go on...after what is truely important.

I can imagine what people are thinking about sometimes. Natuarally, the company we work for isn't jumping for joy about James getting surgery. They are urging me to go back out on the road while James is recovering.

That's great but I don't see how two people who aren't related can figure out how to do this sort of thing whith anyone else. Ok let weigh the variables here.

I stay. I get to be with James, I get to find temp work to help pay off the outrageous bills that we are going to have(but basically I'll make money), I'll get to hang out with my family, and I won't have to go hang out in WI in the middle of winter.

I go. I don't get to be with James while he CAN'T MOVE for two weeks, I get half of the pay a week to try and pay for half of everything we do(the director thinks we will save 100-200 bucks a week, HA, what a joke), I get to drive MY car, I get to spend my time not getting paid to rehearse again, and I get to sleep every night with someone that isn't my husband.

I know I forgot something but I think clearly, my decision is made. It's going to be tough for the Company to convince me otherwise. We'll see what happens.


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