Sunday, June 26, 2005

The moral is...Weekend getaways are a MUST!

The knocking has already started. The longer we live here at Misty Glen, the more people knock on our door. James is still liking what he does here but everyone needs a day off. James hasn't had one in a while and as you know I have been stessed out about my job for months now. We decided to take matters into our own hands.

We just got back a little over an hour ago from our weekend get-away. We took off Firday afternoon and headed in the direction of Columbia Missouri. We didn't get far before we were ready to stop. We stopped at a KOA in Oak Gove, MO right outside of Kansas City.Cabin Friday night

We were just relieved to be away from the complex. We played mini golf on their home made course and went swimming after dark for about 20 minutes. James cooked pasta alfredo for dinner on the campstove and by the time we had started the fire, I was ready for bed.

I almost always go to bed early and get up early. We both woke up, 45 minutes before check out. It was fun to sleep in but I had planned on swimming more in the morning!

We grabbed some flyers from the office after we checked out and then headed to Columbia, MO. We stopped at an outlet mall on the way but it was too hot for shopping in the strip mall. (I won't mention that James "accidentally" drove right past the scapbook store) When we got to Columbia, we went to Walmart and bought a memory card for my new camera I got for my birthday. Then, we headed off to the visitors center across town.

They didn't have much to say but it gave a direction to go it. We headed down south to Devil's Icebox, a cave James was familiar with. That part of the cave we got to go in was not Devil's Icebox because you have to enter that one by canoe. It's only open two months out of the year because of the water levels.James' waterfall interpretation
The part we did get to see was amazing!Inside the Cave 4

Bekah and James in Cave

The we headed to Cooper's Landing which is supposed to be wild on the weekends. They have live music and camoing on the water. When we got there it didn't look like something we would enjoy! SO we kept heading down South to the area we had wanted to go to all along. I'm not sure why we didn't go down there earlier in the day. By 8:30 we had reserved a cabin in Lebanon, MO at NRO that had canoe rentals that we were looking foward to the next day.Cabin Sat night

I made a friend while we were there.
Bekah's froggy friend

Again we had a very relaxing evening and I made it to a campfire that night. James still wanted to stay up later so I started punching him until he gave in. We went in to get water to put out the fire and I think more water ended up on us then in the fire.Water fight

NRO was packed with abnoxious people our age but they were all down by the water. I'm glad we didn't decide to camp! All that was left of them the next morning was there huge piles of trash and beer cans. The river was beautiful. After our 7 mile float we did out typical bickering about wether to stop or continue on for another 7 miles. We both knew we should stop but we both wanted to keep going. We finally determined it would be best to stop but we had to go back soon and do it again.

The trip was awesome! We had a blast. We really have to do that more often!

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