Sunday, June 05, 2005

Trip to FL

The biggest concern when children reunite with their birth parents is how the birthmother or child will fell about the situation. Some birthmoms don't want to be found, others want their babies back and others just want to make sure the kid is ok.

Long story short, I am so glad that my mom found her and brought her into our lives. She is an amazing person and she has a very cool family that I am excited to add to my mine!

This is my biological half sister, Cassie. She is already very special to me and I have only known her for two months.
Cassie and Bekah

This is my birthmom, Tonia.
Tonia and Bekah

Tonia turned out to be better than I could have dreamed her to be. For more fun filled pictures of my trip, check out

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Bekah and/or James said...

Hi Cheryl,

Yes, my adoption was arranged before I was born and I had the oppurtunity this year to meet my birthmother. It was a wonderful experience and we keep in touch regularly...why do you ask?