Friday, June 17, 2005

Job Update

My last day of work is going to be sometime around the 15th of August. Amazingly enough, things are going better than ever. I wish the job had been like this from the beginging!

I was offered another position on Wednesday. At first I was aprehensive about it because I didn't feel that they knew enough about me to make a good decision. I wasn't TRYING to get the job, I was just being myself and letting whatever happen. It's only two days a week for about a year and then it would be for full time. The pay is better and the more I work, the more I get paid! Seems reasonable! I feel like my personality fits better with this family. The wife took more time yesterday to tell me more about their family and we have a lot in common. I thinks that's pretty cool!

The only problem is they want me to start on July 18th but both I and the family I am working for have commited to the middle of Aug and I have to stick with that. I know the new family is a little bit more flexible on the start date but I don't know that they can wait that long. I am hoping that they do though. We'll see!

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