Sunday, June 05, 2005

After about two months of being frustrated with work, I finally told The Husband that I was unhappy. At first I was heart broken, thinking about leaving the baby who I spend my days with. By the time I got home, I was relieved at the thought of not having to keep up this schedule for very much longer.

In the begining I was upset that he didn't understand all the things that were bothering me. In response to the long hours he said, "What kind of hours do you think you would be working at a real job," and "I don't think you have worked more that 40 hours a week since you have been here."

I regards to the low pay, "___'s kindergarden teacher,_______, made less than $1300 a month last year."

Money isn't that big of a concern to me but I am spending $60-75 a week in gas. So on the high end of things I spend $300 a month in gas, leaving $1000 a month minus taxes.

As a teacher, even in the worst situation I was in, I got respect. Parents and the people I was around, told me I was doing a good job. I felt like the work I was doing was making a positive influence on people's lives and I was appreciated for it. Now, I hardly get any respect from the seven year old and I am told not to take it personal. That child knows he is the boss of me. When I talked to him about how he felt about me leaving he said, "We can give you some time off."

Unfortunately, I have been cursed with knowing what it is like to love your job no matter how much you dislike the people around you or how hard it is. What is all boils down to is, I don't love this job.

I felt like I was living my whole day for this family. I went from being with my husband 24/7 to seeing him a few hours a day. My mom warned me about that too. I believed these people. I trusted the things they said because I told them I didn't want to get screwed. I thought things were made clear by both parties what was expected.

I believed them when they said they didn't expect me to clean. I was expected to clean up after myself and the kids. That was the opposite of what was told to me the day I told him how unhappy I was.

It will be over soon! And the job search continues!

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