Friday, February 18, 2005

The moral is a big freakin' adventure!

First, I would like to thank the few people that commented or sent me e-mails regarding my last two posts. I thought that was really cool. I am especially excited about my Whole Wheat Radio buddy, Fred, for keeping up with me. I feel so honored! I encourage everyone to send me really boosts me up and makes me feel good. And if you have a website, let me know. I am really nerdy about that kind of stuff and I'd like to check them out.

So, I started this blog to keep people updated on our life on the road. We had so many adventures and now we are home. It has been hard to keep up the writing as much as I would like to. Let's get back to the Aesop's Adventure, shall we.

Last time I wrote, I was being told that it was expected of me to continue on the road with out James. James had his surgery about a week and a half ago so that idea was dropped when they realized how long it would be before they even got me back out.

The director let me know that there were going to be two other actors from the Chicago area who were going to continue the tour for a while. He made arrangements to come pick our costumes. I ran around franticly trying to gather up the things they would need and seperate them from our personal items. Let we waited...and waited...and waited. No phone call. No nothing. Finally, I asked James to check e-mail to see if had written. By the way, he has ignored my request to update his address book and e-mail me at another address. He is the only one who EVER emails us at that address so we have to make sure to check it regularly to see if he has written.

He had written and said he had forgotten that his weekend was completly booked and he couldn't make it. Could he come pick it up a few days later. We e-mailed him back and said that was fine. The night before we made sure to check e-mail, guessing he wasn't going to make it. Yep! It was 12am and there was an e-mail saying he would e-mail us late that night if he would be arriving in the morning. We didn't hear from him until today.

Now, he wants to come pick up four items, so I have to re-organize everything that I gathered up for him originally. However, he wanted to come today or tommorow. We are staying with James' family for a night or two so we don't even have the things he needs with us. The other option he suggested was for us to ship it and he would reimburse us. He must have forgotten the part about he had to come pick up the stuff because we couldn't afford to put gas in our car and bring it to him. WE ARE IN THE RED. NO ONE HAS PAYED US. WE AREN'T WORKING. WHAT PART OF THAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? Ok, I feel better!

Ok, how are you doing? Do you need a break? Should I split it up into two parts. No I'll keep going. But now would be a good time for a bathroom break. We will call this INTERMISSION!

Meanwhile, I emailed the real boss to tell him that the doctor's office said that we might be able to go out on the road sooner than expected. We had some guidlines that I thought were reasonable. He said, we could go out but he had people for two weeks and we would have to play the game their way if we went back out. AND James would have to move his doctor's appointment up. Ok, James isn't doing THAT well. He's doing ok but he is definitly not ok enough to just jump back into the regular, strenuous schedule.

Then the director e-mails me to ask if I can go out in two weeks without James for a few weeks.

I am still looking for a job. We have NO money. If I find a job, it is going to be really difficult for them to talk me into quiting my job to go back out on the road for a month or two and then start the job search again.

Well, I'll keep you updated as the soap oprea continues.

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Dad said...

It IS an adventure! At least one good thing: I have enjoyed having you and James at home for a little while. It has been great getting to know James.

Of course, y'all are optimists like me, it will all work out GREAT!