Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The moral is...with a job comes money.

In celebration of looking for a job, I decided to get the new ipod shuffle. Naturally I wanted the 1GB ipod that was a good deal more. Nope, I got the 512MB for less and I am so excited.

Before all the caos with James' operation, we sold our car and bought a computer that was to be James' because I am a computer hog. I own and ancient ibook that is on its death bed but it still works. The new laptop we got at a VERY reasonable price. We knew that it would be a lot more reliable than the ibook. Now that we are stating home, maybe for good, naturally it is too late to take it back.

Therefore, I made James hold up his part of the bargain and allow me to buy the ipod. All of this coming to a grand total of less than what we sold the car for. Regardless, now are supper broke but at least we have cool toys.

Life is short, right?

So I begin making calls tomorrow and dropping off resumes. Wish me luck.


PS Check out our podcast! www.bekahandjames.com

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