Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The moral stinks and then you die!

James' surgery is done. Now I am afraid this is where the fun begins. Although, I went to bed early, I slept very vew hours last night. James was waking up a lot. His sleeping routine was off as well. I was so worried I was going to hurt him and that made it hard to sleep. Plus his sleeping habits were so unusual. He kept talking in his sleep and snoring. Both are pretty unlike him.

I can't believe that it was expected of me to rehearse through all of this and then leave once the surgery was over. The director wised up at least. Unfortunately, I don't think they can find anyone because I haven't heard from them.

I've interview for two jobs so far. I haven't heard back from either one yet. First of all we have very little money which will be taken up by bills and by tickets from out travels. That's it! That leave 0 dollars for us to live on.

While my parents would never admit it, I know we have got to be a burden on them. I can hardly stand this arrangement. It works though. I'm starting to get a little worried about how we are all supposed to survive. Hopefully, one of those jobs will come through SOON.

I'm feeling kind of down. I am trying not to show it but I don't know how good of a job I am doing. I think I managed to fake it yesterday. I was pretty layed back about everything, I think. Now, we've arrived back to reality and it sucks. What else can I do? Anyone out there have a job for me? I'm a hard worker. At least send me happy comments and e-mails to cheer me up!



Anonymous said...

Cheer up, Bekah....we are pulling for you out here in the Universe. Try not to get too discouraged. If you get too down you will miss the next thing you need to do! Get better soon James oooxxxx


acjenesaisquoi said...

Bekah, Yes, life can stink sometimes, but thankfully it is cyclical. It's how we handle the not so good times that set us apart. I think you are doing great. Hang in there.