Thursday, February 10, 2005

The moral is...WWR Rocks!

A story:

There was a man who once was very happy with his life. He had the perfect life; a wife, a child. There was a world of oppurtunities waiting for him and his family.

He participated in a wonderful community he called his church. He found peace, happiness and love there. He was surround by a world that was familar to him. This world gave him a sense of security and a feeling of love.

One day that community was taken away from him. He searched long and hard for a new community. Years went by. Activities came and went, and no matter how hard the people around him tried to include him in their communities, he felt as if there was no community left for him. The people began giving up on trying to include him in their activities.

He refused to see the good things that were being handed to him. His wonderful family no longer gave him the same happiness that it once did. He had refused every community that had come and gone, wishing that they were like the community he longed for.

Eventually, this wonderful, good-hearted man, woke up and realized that there was nothing in his life that made him happy. Every day became a harsh reality of what he thought he was missing out on.

He packed his bags, leaving behind everything; including his family. He returned to this church he had longed for for so long. The community was gone. In it's place was a new generation of people that he could no longer relate to.

Now he had nothing. He felt as if all his possibilities for a better life died that day. Ashamed of what he had done, he felt as though he could not return home.

The man died that day. He had talked himself out of being able to find himself a home. There was no reason for him to exsist any longer.

An explaination:

Last time I wrote I was feeling down. Jim at Whole Wheat Radio read the entry during the live, hour long rant and made a comment about the fact that no one had commented to help cheer me up. One "wheathead" did! And although it was just one. It made all the difference. Thank you Jim and thank you fine-line!

It is amazing to me the different types of communities that are availible to people. I thought I had outgrown chatting online. Now way! Not when I found Whole Wheat Radio.

There have only been a few times that I have ever seen or heard people putting others down. Most of the time, everyone there will lift you up and make you feel better about whatever is bothering you in your world.

If you decide to check them out, assuming you haven't already, let me tell you this...the first few times I listen to their "podcast" or "audio magazine" I thought is was horrible. I couldn't figure out what all the computer generated voices were all about and why Jim and Esther were screaming all the time. Once I visited their website, figured it out, realized they DIDN'T scream all the time, I was hooked for good!

Please visit their website and at least listen to their 24 hr stream of music!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Bekah! It's me again, Fred. Sometimes Bekah words don't come when someone sees another suffering and in silence they suffer along with that other person. Better to remain silent than say something stupid. I am certain you can take to heart that if you see a regular reader who is not commenting, that they are there holding your hand, perhaps adopting you as their daughter, feeling your pain and joy with an arm around your sholder, a big hug, and a kiss.

I have been following your Blog, not on a daily basis, but hey! there are only two that I look at, yours and the adventures of Tim Zim. I was determined not to get into following blogs and here I am, like our friends Jim and Esther that infected me with wheat, you infected me with your life :).

Best of thoughts for you guys finding your way,