Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I know that not many people read my blog but at the off chance that the right person stumbles upon it I am going to post this entry.

Emma Green talks to a new friend in the parking lot of Toys-R-Us, a makeshift collection and distribution center for relief supplies. Emma asked me to thank Irene (last name unknown) if I published a photo of her. She was overwhelmed by the kindness of everyone she had met. She is in Houston with her daughter, two grand-daughters (seen in earlier photos), and two grandsons. They were about to head to Humble, Texas to try to find shelter. I loved this family. I gave them my number... just in case.

My second promise was to mention her sisters names, sisters, also from New Orleans, whom she has no idea how to contact, nor does she know where they are.

Helen White
Diane Leslie
Jessie Hall
Ruby Bullock
Williemae Minnor

Again, if anyone has any information regarding these individuals, please contact me. I know it is a longshot, but stranger things have happened.

Please click the above link to see the picture. I love the pictures this person took. They are raw and real. Not so Hollywood like the media. Take some time to look at them.


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Who else said...

I read your blog. Thanks for posting the Flickr link.

Congratulations on receiving your first blog spam (first comment on this post). You get to delete it. Fun.

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