Wednesday, December 29, 2004


As I drove to my parent's house tonight, after a brief shopping adventure with my sister before she went to work, I fingured out something about myself.

The last visit with my best friend in Albuquerque, I found the typical shopping we used to do was horribly uncomfortable. As we have gotten older, we have become very different. She more girl, and I like to get my hands dirty. Why spent $20 for a t-shirt? It's a t-shirt!

My sister reminds me more and more of my friend everyday. She is much more materialistic that I. She was talking about how she NEEDED a new purse(I made her two before I left), and I couldn't help but think how there are people that NEED food and shelter right now in India.

My sister and I grew up being very close. Now I can't even get her to spend time with me and when she does, it's like pulling teeth to get her to talk about her life of her dreams or anything. But she can call me up when I am on the road and rant for thirty minutes straight about how bad her life is.

Ok, so what I figured out about myself...

I get irritated when I get teased about liking to shop by my husband. I figured out tonight that when I'm getting teased about going shopping, I've got images of my friend or my sister running through my head.

It's no big deal. I just like to get a good deal. I couldn't imagine paying $40 for a denim jacket. I can barely make myself pay that much for a crappy down coat for our trip to MN and WI.


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