Saturday, December 04, 2004

The moral is...when the lobby smells, find a different hotel.

Join in our laughter and check out our goofy pictures:

These pictures were taken at Minne Lusa Elementary, 12/02/04, in Omaha, NE.

We are now in Souix Falls, SD for the next two nights. There was a severe lack of hotels in the area closest to our schools on Monday and Tuesday. So we drove about half an hour out of the way to feel comfortable again. We spent the begining of the week in Best Westerns that were nice and clean and reasonablly priced. Last night we found ourselves in a Super8 that was slightly over budget. They wanted to charge me five dollars more so i could redeem points for our stay. Yeah right. I don't think so. The hallways smelled funny and our room smelled as iff a kid had wet their pants and forgot to tell somebody. It was nasty. We went to Walmart to spend that five dollars on a can ouf Oust, air sanitizer. It helped a little but not much. The room itself would have been fine had it not stunk so much.

When we were looking for a room today we were pretty picky. There were places that were nice that were closer to our Monday school but they wanted $62 and $75 a night. Nice try. so we drove a little bit further and found a Days Inn, near an airport, that was only six dollars over budget, taxes included.

It is amazing how comfortable you can feel in a clean room vs. a stinky, kind of dirty room.

Well that's all for now. I'll write more when James isn't bothering me!


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BEKAH! Leave James alone! Love, Mom