Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The moral is...check the schedule.

Today was an interesting day. Once again, we weren't made to feel very welcome at our first school. We had a great show, however, and afterward the teachers that were cold when we arrived became our best friends.

The PE teacher asked us if we ment to get the kids as wound up as we did. YES! Of course! They made the show a lot of fun. The show was fun for me again today. It's always fun but today it was really fun.

We went home to Topeka and returned our rental car that we got for our Colorado trip and went for a relaxing luch at our favorite reseraunt.

With 45 minutes to spare we began the 20 minute journey to our second school. My friend Chris was coming to the show and I was thinking about how he had said in his e-mail that he would see us at 1pm. It was 12:45pm. Why would he be there so early when our show started at 2pm.

I asked James if he was sure our show started at 2pm. He said he was and I picked up the schedule and...NOPE. It started in 15 min. We are so sleep deprived that we got our shows confused.

After some convincing, we got Chris(also an actor) to give us some advice. He made some really good points. I look foward to trying some new things tommorrow. It was awesome to have a familiar face in the audience and to get some feedback on our show.


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