Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The moral is...check out podcasting.

I'm getting so burnt out. I think it's all the traveling in the midwest. We haven't taken pictures or used our camcorder since we came home for Thanksgiving. We are home off and on this week. It makes me feel even less motivated to go to work every day. No...I think it is just the eighteen hours of driving we had to do in the last 36hours that is making me so cranky.

My dad burned some CDs for James and I of this young, hip couple in Wayne, WI. They have this podcast that can be vulgar at times but is really funny. So if you dare, check them out.


They've saved us from the boredom of the road.

I'm keeping it short today because we still have to drive an hour to our first show. Check back later. I might post again tonight.


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