Saturday, December 18, 2004

The moral is...If you have to introduce a presenter, check to make sure they are there first.

Christmas. Family. Home. They all have taken on a different meaning for me now that I have left and returned home again.

I walked through the neighborhood where I onced lived, looking at christmas lights, crying with frustration. Having a home can mean somethng as simple as having a place to feel safe taking a walk in.

It makes me tired not having a be of my own. Well I do have a bed but my sister is borrowing it since we were going to be away so long. And now I wish she hadn't. My back and neck hurt from sleeping on the floor and crappy mattresses in mid-range hotels.

My brother and sister are seniors in high school. They manage to make everyone around them unhappy. Isn't that the job of every seventeen year old. I got yelled at today beacause I asked one of them to hang out with me. It is so loud here. I can't stand it.

We had a strange week last week. Thursday we cancelled our first show because we were so ill. The second show our boss finally came to see our show. We were worried he was going to cancel our show or something. Nope. He just came to see our show and tell us we were doing a good job.

Friday we went to Liberty, MO. We performed for a group of 90 Third graders who made comments like, "That's not funny!" Tough crowd. Well i would have been tough too if I had to wait as long as they did for our show to start.

We had called in way ahead of time and said we had hit bad traffic in Downtown KC and we would be arriving late. No one checked to see if we were ready and so when they announced us I was still in the bathroom changing. Please note: If you have to introduce a presenter, check to make sure they are there first.

I'm tired, frustrated, sick, etc. and I have no where to go to escape from it all and have a moment to myself.



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