Monday, October 01, 2012

in gratitude

"enjoy every moment with Cooper (aka Ollie). They grow up fast, " my friends reminds me in a recent email with details of how quickly her own children have grown. i hear this reminder a lot from parents with older children and i am grateful for the reminders.

i try to stay mindful of how quickly we grow and how precious life is. i am so incredibly grateful to all of the people supporting me in carving my own path and being able to provide a loving, nurturing environment for my son, meanwhile doing the things i love.

we have found such a magical spot in washington with sources of the things we love; music, dance, art, nature, ocean, fresh organic foods, and great community. i feel so blessed to have such beautiful new friends to share in community with and raise our children together.

this picture was take yesterday by my new neighbor. 
my deepest gratitudes for his support and help with cooper.

thank you to everyone who continues to support us in our non-conventional journeys. there are countless people to thank and i hope to express this to each of you how much your contribution has touched my heart and allowed me the most precious gift of all; to raise my son in the most beautiful. natural setting, surrounded by people who adore him. our network extends wide and i look forward to watching it grow as we settle into our new washington home, continue to travel and bring you great music.

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