Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The moral is...don't say, " I don't think we want to hear another story."

As one may guess, I had a lot of trouble getting out of bed this morning. By the time I got back to sleep I only slept for about an hour and a half. I have been sleepy all day. I even managed to fall asleep for a few minutes in the car today.

We were late to our first school. 30 minutes late. I guess for a number of reasons but no reason seemed to be good enough to be as late as we were. This morning, there was a severe lack of enthusiasm as we started the day. I felt like walking into the school and saying, "I'm sorry we were late. We decided to eat our breakfast sitting down this morning. Your not going to hold it against us are you?!?!"

The first show was really good. We performed for kinders and first grade. We had so much fun and looked foward to our second show at the same school.

Our second show was horrible. Our lack of enthusiasm found it's way into our show. However, I believe there were a number of variables that made it so bad. The second show was kinders and second grade. The 2nd graders were sitting in front with the kindergarders in the back. The K5 teacher was constantly telling them to sit down. What do you expect? The first teacher to come in gave me attitude about were she was going to sit her kids and coincidentally, it was her kids that acted out during the whole show.

I made the same mistake twice today. During our show, James(playing Aesop) says, " I know a few more stories you might like to hear."

I usually say, " I don't know about any more stories. Actually, I'd rather hear the next one from them."

I'm not even sure what the original line is supposed to be but I today I said, " We don't want to hear any more stories."

That was a huge mistake. There was a look of panic on the teachers' faces. We almost lost control of them. The second show we had they started chanting, "More stories, More stories." The third show wasn't as out of control. I even tried rewording it. The moral is...don't say it!


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